We Play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

What’s the latest addiction in our house? Ignoring Zelda Breath of the Wild for a moment it has to be PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Currently, in early access, this is a game that has G totally hooked and me wishing I had skills! It’s just pure fun that gets the adrenaline pumping. You head on in, die, head straight back in. Well that’s what happens when I play at least.

What is Pubg?

The devs call it a Battle Royale genre game. If you missed the Battle Royale era then think of the Hunger Games and you’ll be on the right page. You and up to 99 others head out in a plane over a small island. You jump out the plane, hopefully not too close to anyone else, land and the fight for survival begins. No one has any weapons or armour, you have to rush around and get kitted out as quickly as possible. If you come across someone before you find anything of any worth it will come down to a fist fight. Or you’ll be shot dead if they’ve had better luck than you.

The island is filled with various buildings, wide open spaces and vehicles for you to use.  The weapons, armour, health kits and other useful items are randomly dotted around. As time passes you need to keep a close eye on the map as the safe zone shrinks. You need to not only survive the other players, you have to remain inside the safe zone (and avoid the bombing zone as best you can) in order to survive. The obvious aim is to win. I have yet to do this. I did get into the top 10 once, a major achievement for me as I am still really crap at keyboard and mouse. Yeah yeah, I’m a noob, blah blah blah. At least I’m trying!

Seriously, this game is such a laugh and deeply satisfying even if you do just ‘okay’ in the big scheme of things. Playing with a squad is hilarious, and in most cases, the glitches and lag simply add to the hilarity. Sadly, we’ve been struggling this week, thanks to the lag. Our PC and connection should handle this game easily, so I am assuming it’s a problem on their end. Entering the inventory is awful and on several occasions, it’s been impossible to get out – resulting in death if anyone is around. We also have problems with the buildings rendering and laggy movement. Hopefully, there will be a patch to help remedy this situation. Having said that there is a chance it is us. We’ve been Googling the problem but so far we’ve yet to find anything to help.

Player Unknown’s Battleground Updates

The great thing about this game is that the developers are constantly working on making it better. I heard it was the most updated and monitored early access game there is. The latest update happened on May 31st. The patch focused on:

  • Improving performance by reducing the excessive effects that take place during vehicle crashes
  • Improving server performance, again in relation to vehicles.
  • Fixing numerous bugs including crashing when equipping items, voice chat volume in the plane, sound stutters when swimming and resolving accidental deaths from falling issues when trapped.

There are players that take this game super seriously, but for me, I find it plays at its best when played in good humour. It has the makings of a great game and I am hopeful that the early release will eventually become a full title in the future. With the promise of new maps and a night time mode and constant work on improving problems, I feel this could be awesome.




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