PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with Gzone #PUBG

Couples that Game Together, Stay Together

Just a quick one to share mine and G’s first game of PUBG together. I finally got my own copy so we’re loving our duo’s right now. I can’t tell you how great it is, the last game we played together was probably Fable 2! As for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? I have to say I am surprisingly really getting into it. I’m not really into shooters, but for some reason, I really get a buzz from trying to survive to the end and take home the chicken dinner.

Here’s mine and G’s gameplay from last week. Hopefully, there will be more in the future. Whether we film or not, we’re definitely enjoying duo’s and will be for some time. Warning: I do swear horrendously.

As I can’t shoot well I do tend to opt for stealth for as long as possible. In one of my first few games, I managed to get 3rd in a solo round, which shocked the hell out of me. I’ve got a few kills, but in a panic I’m useless. I have guns to learn, ammo to learn and a few tactics to pick up, but the whole journey is just sheer fun. Do watch your heart, it does get super intense towards the end.

Excuse the images, they are photos I took on my phone to send to G who was in Essex for the week. If I’d thought about it I would have taken screenshots. These are all from the first night. I am aware that I have no skills, but I was really pleased with how I did.

The game does have flaws, it’s still not finished and in early access, so don’t expect a perfect game if you’re one of the few not to pick it up yet. Tonight while playing I somehow stayed on the loading screen but I could hear the plane, me being thrown out the plane and landing. G could see everything and in the end, G just killed himself so we could start over. Lag is sometimes an issue, along with texture issues, server outages, and crashes. The game is addictive and generally so much fun that these problems can be overlooked. Bluehole are definitely working hard, releasing loads of patches and updates and the future is looking bright.

PUBG Breaking Records

PUBG is smashing it, in September it knocked Dota 2 off the top spot for the largest amount of concurrent players ever at 1,291,328 users. Over the past weekend, it was so close to reaching 2 million concurrent players, reaching 1.96 million! And to think I was probably one of them.



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