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Pokémon Go Vlog – We’re Still Playing

Still Gotta Catch ’em All!

Apparently, Pokémon Go has lost 80% of its paying players. We still play and very occasionally pay but I’ve not spent more than a fiver as yet. We play daily, checking nearby Pokémon and going for walks several times a week to visit Pokéstop, hatch eggs and now walk our buddies to earn candy. I’ve also lost about half a stone and that can be put entirely down to the amount of walking we’ve been doing because of this game.

A couple of weeks ago we visited Colwall and Ledbury to see what it was like for Pokémon Go players. Watch our blog and see what we got up to.

Since that day the Buddy update has been released. I currently have Pikachu as my buddy and I’ve earned 11 candies in the past two days, not bad. Sadly, I only have one Pikachu so if I choose to evolve him I’ll be Pikachu free and that idea makes me sad. I’ll probably hold off until I catch or hatch another one before evolving.

Pokémon Go Vlog

The latest update isn’t that exciting but it is useful being able to earn candy without catching or hatching Pokémon. We’re more excited for the next update that is rumoured to bring trading to the game. I also hope we’ll be able to battle soon and that Generation 2 will be introduced by Christmas. It will be so cool to be able to find brand new Pokémon, even though I still haven’t caught all of the first gen, which isn’t actually possible as yet anyway.

Here’s a look at my highest CP Pokémon to date.


A 2000+ CP Pokémon is still evading me, but it’s so close! We have loads of Eevee’s where we are so I have loads of the Eevee evolutions and it wouldn’t surprise me if my first 2000+ Pokémon is a Vaporeon. I’m still desperate for a Ninetails, Snorlax and a Gyarados but I finally managed to evolve an Arcanine last week and that made me very happy. It’s the little things in life…

I’ve also started playing Pokémon Emerald on my phone via an emulator. Loving it! We’re also really looking forward to Pokémon Sun and Moon. G plans on getting Sun and the Nintendo 3DS XL Solgaleo and Lunala Limited Edition and I’ll be playing Moon on my old and slightly damaged Animal Crossing 3DS XL. If I find a pot of gold I’ll treat myself to the console too but that’s very doubtful.

Are you still playing? Who have you chosen for your first buddy?



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