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Loving you

Sometimes it’s difficult to be your own best friend, but if you can master this skill your life will be better for it. If you’re in a bit of a self-slump here are a few tips to get you back on the self-loving track.

  • Stop with the cheapo hate filled gossip mags and newspapers. They thrive on negativity and our own self-doubts, encouraging the judgement of others. Just put the magazine down, nastiness has no place in your heart.
  • Use positive affirmations daily. Write uplifting quotes and sentences in a private diary, on your Facebook wall, as Tweets or on your mirror. Take the time to study and repeat the words for a few moments to let them seep into your soul.
  • Get comfortable with your body, every inch of it. It’s good to look at yourself naked in the mirror, to feel your skin and to love what you see. Treat it with respect, explore and have fun.
  • Think about food in a new way. Don’t count the calories, don’t deny yourself the treats that you love, but do remember the goodness your body requires and feed yourself what you need to remain strong, healthy and looking fabulous.
  • Don’t let negative thoughts take over. When you notice any negative thoughts about your appearance, capabilities or personality creeping in stop those thoughts in their tracks. Replace the negative thoughts with something positive instead. This is something to apply to thoughts you have about others too.  Seek out positive thoughts, over time they will be easier for you to find.
  • Learn who you really are, not what society expects you to be. What makes us all beautiful is our individuality.

Falling in love with yourself and being the best friend you can possibly be to yourself, the one you truly deserve, might not come easy but it will come. Practice, be determined and when you fall off course jump right back on again.




  1. Sisley White

    This is a fantastic blog post. It is exactly what I needed to see on a grey day. A love how positive you are.
    Sis x

    08 . Jul . 2014
  2. Nettie

    Thank you so much, you’ve put a great big smile on my face 😀 Have a wonderful day and never let the grey dampen your spirit!

    08 . Jul . 2014
  3. Rachel

    This is such a fantastic post, the kind that we should all stick to the fridge or cupboard door x

    08 . Jul . 2014
  4. Nettie

    Thanks Rachel, that’s a great compliment and I’ll take it 😀

    08 . Jul . 2014
  5. Mags

    Awesome piece of writing – you speak so much truth and sense – I’m sharing this EVERYWHERE!

    08 . Jul . 2014
  6. Nettie

    Thanks so much Mags 🙂

    08 . Jul . 2014
  7. The Real Mummy

    I love your last point as it’s something I’ve been focusing on a lot lately – being who I know I am and forgetting what anyone else says I am or should be! No one else should get to define us – not TV, magazines or anything/one else. We should all enjoy being us and remember that when we start comparing ourselves to others and wishing what we are away in favour of what they are.

    08 . Jul . 2014
  8. Helen The good life mum

    great positive post very uplifting

    08 . Jul . 2014
  9. Gemma

    definitely agree about the magazines, I’ve not bought any for months. They are all such tat and are such a waste of money. I don’t need to see airbrushed images of women in clothes I can’t afford.

    08 . Jul . 2014

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