Power Up Your Gaming Merch Search

Geeks, beware. There’s a new tool out there to help you get top-shelf merch, VonMerch brings together collectables and merch from leading retailers (including video games, but also movies, TV shows, sports, artist, etc.). With its many filters and options, this search is unbeatable. As a gamer, this means great deals on electronics and gadgets, curated merch lists for your favourite games and a blog to stay one step ahead of your gaming buddies.

Let’s power up your gaming merch search with some examples of what you can find using VonMerch.


This Minecraft Creeperscope Wall Poster is just one example of the kickass wall art available. Glam up your gaming room with something from Halo, Minecraft, Overwatch and others.


Too much awesome to choose from. This Street Fighter Super Group White T-Shirt? Or a Cuphead and Bosses Retro Tee? Get your gaming gear on.


You can’t 1-up the Halo Master Chief Premium Snap Back Hat. If you’re looking for something warm, there’s always the World of Warcraft Alliance Pom Beanie, too.


There’s nothing better than a game-themed backpack to bring all your gear to a friend’s house… This Link Medieval Backpack is a sturdy, classic option. You can’t go wrong with the Super Mario Bros. Villains Backpack either.


This Nintendo Super Mario Cartridge Bi-Fold Wallet is amazing. A retro and useful choice for gamers.

Board Games

This Monopoly Gamer Collector’s Edition Game has Nintendo play pieces, including Bowser, Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Donkey Kong. Or, if you want a solo mission, try The Legend of Zelda Of the Hero Puzzle.


The collectables category has the coolest stuff. Just look at this Overwatch Loot Box Ceramic Cookie Jar. And this Warcraft Doomhammer. Here, you’ll find a little of everything.

Computer Mouse and Electronics

Check out some game-themed electronics, like this Star Computer Mouse. There are also headphones, speakers and USB-drives from your favourite fandoms.


If you play it, wear it. Here, the Legend of Zelda Bracelets is great for a group of gaming friends.

Funko Pops!

There are stunning gaming Funko Pops! out there. Have you seen this translucent Sombra Pop? Get one for your gaming console or desk.



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