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A few weeks back I was asked to write a post about prints as part of a campaign being run by Bonmarché.  I’ll be honest, I declined initially as I don’t really DO prints, at least not what many people would call “pretty”. I was asked to reconsider and I decided why the hell not, I can use this opportunity to show off some of my personal style – it’s a good enough reason as any.

A few weeks have passed; I’ve moved house and settled back into work and a whole new lifestyle (more about that soon I promise) and I’ve put off this post just a little. You see, the clothes I wear  on a daily basis are usually just blocks of colour, predominantly turquoises, blacks, greys and blues. But I dedicated a day to paying attention to the prints that I come across so here’s a print diary for one normal day in my life.







This post showed me how much I steer away from prints, especially in my wardrobe ( undies and socks being the exception to the rule).  Perhaps I need to become more adventurous. What do you think of prints in general? Love or loathe?




  1. Sarah Bailey

    Ahh I love that mug haha! It is fantastic and your bag is a gorgeous burst of colour.

    16 . Apr . 2015
  2. Ting

    Wow this is an interesting idea. I think I do steer away from print A LOT in my life. Not just in my wardrobe, but I think also in my interior choices. I guess I’m more about design detail than print itself. x

    16 . Apr . 2015

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