Pure Farming 2018 Patch Updates

Guess what, I got invited to be a Twitch Affiliate after my Pure Farming 2018 stream! I also hit my target of 200 followers on the same night. It was a crazy 4-hour stream that I loved, but it was also a real ballache thanks to my lack of farming skills. Well, the disastrous farming adventures weren’t all my fault, some were down to a few in-game problems. The good news is, the folk over at Ice Flames and Techland Publishing are listening to the community and working hard to get things on the farm working as they should.

Since release (one week ago), the developers have released a patch and a second, patch 1.1.2 comes out at some point today. They even put all the patch details into two delicious infographics to make life even more pleasant for us hard-working farmers.

Starting Over

As for my farm, I basically ran it into the ground. I bought a silo when I didn’t need to, ruined my tractor and then drove my Pick Up truck into a river (don’t do that, you’ll have to buy a new one). I am currently in Italy but I’ve decided to start all over. I have learned lots of things and I feel that carrying on now would be a costly and very difficult road to travel. If you’re free, I’ll be streaming more Pure Farming 2018 tonight over at https://www.twitch.tv/reclusivefox. Would love to see you there!



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