Razer Kiyo is Heading to My Set Up

I was very lucky to receive a bit of money from my Dad this Christmas. Sadly, my dog had an accident on Christmas Day, breaking the tiny bone on his toe – resulting in lots of pain for him and eating all my Christmas money from my pops. The good news is, my lovely dad gave me the money back so I have finally placed an order for the Razer Kiyo that will help to get me back into streaming, yay! But what is the Razer Kiyo?

A Webcam and Ringlight in One

Before we start I have to admit that the reviews for the Kiyo that I’ve seen haven’t been too convincing. It’s classed as being great for starters and seeing as I am a starter I’m quite happy with that. The main reason I want this webcam is the attached ring light. My office is small, and when I say small I really mean TINY. There’s not enough room in here for many things, especially not any decent lighting for my stream. This is where the Kiyo will be massively useful. The attached light is easily controlled and altered and it won’t take up any extra space than a normal webcam. The other reason why I chose the Kiyo is the fact that many of the reviews I watched on YouTube said it had a soft light. True, for many reviewers this was negative but for aging me I have to admit I’m very happy about that fact, I WANT soft light and I definitely don’t want my face showing up in blindingly bright HD glory.

The third reason for choosing the Razer Kiyo comes down to looks, design and the brand itself. I love the Razer branding and all the products I own have not failed me in any shape or form. I’m so excited to get a new piece of kit that will improve my kit and give me some new options when it comes to content creation. I haven’t even told G yet, he’s streaming as I write. While mentioning that please head on over and give both G and I a follow on Twitch. It’s a platform we both want to make more use of in 2018 and beyond. Click on our names below and you’ll be taken to our Twitch profiles.

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New Twitch Channel Art

While I wait to get my set up sorted I will be shopping around for some new channel art. I think I know what I want but I need to find a good artist in my price range to come up with the goods. Tweet me if you have any recommendations.

I don’t know how long it’s going to take for my new webcam arrive. I also have to sort out the second screen to make managing OBS and chat a lot easier when I stream from the PC. Then I’ll come up with a new schedule, I want it to stream at least 3 to 4 times a week. It might take me several weeks to get going but I’m committed and excited. I hope you’ll stay tuned and swing by. Until then, watch some of the channels I host, they’ll keep you entertained.

The Waiting Game

It takes 3 to 5 days for my order to dispatch. I think it’s coming from the US, I’m not entirely sure as the website doesn’t make it very clear. If so, I don’t know how long it will take to arrive, but once it’s here I’ll let you guys know. I have no vlogging camera at the minute but I might try to make an unboxing and review video using my Samsung S8. We shall see. Failing that, I’ll definitely write a blog and share my experiences with you. Don’t go anywhere, well obviously you can go but please come back!



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