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Reclusive Fox Twitch Commands


Below are all the commands for my Twitch channel. You can also find the information by clicking here and visiting Google Spreadsheet.

Song Request Information

Request Permission – Everyone

  • Viewer Costs 15 points to play a song – Maximum amount of songs 2
  • Regular Costs 10 points to play a song – Maximum amount of songs 5
  • Subscriber costs 0 Points to play a song – Maximum amount of songs 10
  • Skip costs 25 points and for regulars to the stream – 3 Votes needed to skip a song
  • Veto costs 50 points and for Subscribers only
  • Songs limited to YouTube Music Category only
  • Max song length is 7 minutes
  • Maximum songs in queue 20

Adding your song doesn’t guarantee it will be played but as long as it’s not a terrible song choice and the stream is continuing there’s a high chance it will be.

Boss Battle Minigame

Spend and earn points in the Boss Battle minigame.

Boss Battle – Can you beat the bosses: Chuck the Chicken, Big Duck, McCow and Farmer Straw.

To play type !boss in chat – costs 10 points to play. Big points to be won!