Rock Band Rivals Arriving November 30, 2016!

Rock Band Rivals

Harmonix Music Systems Inc. and Performance Products LLC have confirmed the release date for the latest title in the Rock Band franchise. The Rock Band Rivals European release date is set for November 30, 2916.  Perfect timing for Christmas.

Players can enjoy two new game modes and enjoy rocking out in loads of new venues.  You can even test your Rock God status by taking on other players online. That’s not all. When playing in Rivals Mode you can join together with crews of up to ten people and take on other crews all over the world in themed gameplay challenges. Each challenge starts with the crews being assigned to one of six tiers. Once a challenge is completed only the best crews get promoted on to new tiers and the crews without the skills could face demotion. If you’re able to gain promotions through the tiers you’ll receive badges and the competition will increase in difficulty. Will you and your crew be able to reach Bloodstone – the highest tier of all?

What are the Tunes Like?

Rock Band Rivals will be available on XboxOne and PS4 in just under two weeks.  It’s boasting over 1800 downloadable songs (please let there be some Coheed and Cambria in there!) in addition to the 65 songs that come on the game disc.  Some of my favourite songs on the disc are:

  • System of a Down – Spiders
  • The Cure – Friday I’m in Love
  • Foo Fighters – The Feast and the Famine
  • Spin Doctors – Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong
  • Dream Theatre – Metropolis – Part 1 – The Miracle and the Sleeper
  • Mark Ronson Ft Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk (one of my guilty pleasures ha!)

Splash out on the Jaguar Bundle which includes the Fender Jaguar guitar controller and Rock Bands Rival Expansion plus a limited amount will have a voucher for a USB mic. There are also band kits available which include the guitar, drum kit and Mic plus the expansion download code too. It’s an ideal Christmas present and the perfect party game that everyone can join in.

Harmonix and Oculus are still planning on releasing a completely new music experience as announced last December. I’ll keep you posted on that news as soon as it comes in.




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