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Say Goodbye Wobbly Belly – You’re Dead Meat!

Losing weight the healthy way

Everyone that didn’t know me thought I was anorexic or bulimic during my teens and right up into my early twenties in fact. I wasn’t. I ate a lot (so many cakes and chocolates too) but I never put on weight. I was a skinny bean I had a bony bum and that’s just the way it was. I remained slim for years, when I was pregnant I didn’t show until I was 6 months and the baby weight just dropped off thanks to the miracle of breast feeding. I didn’t start putting on weight until I hit 30….

I Wanted My Own Pair of Boobs!

Initially I made it a goal of mine to put on a few extra pounds. Being slim meant I had no boobs (Wonderbra’s didn’t even work for me I just had a big gap between boob and the bra!) and I wanted boobs so badly, especially after having them during pregnancy. The problem was I guess my metabolism began slowing down right at the point that I began to eat fatty foods in order to gain weight. I went a bit overboard with the cream in the mash potato and now I am about two dress sizes bigger than what I want to be. Yes the boobs are great (who doesn’t love a good pair of fun bags right?), I can even live with the love handles and a bit of cellulite is normal…but I am now getting the type of wobbly belly I don’t want. I have to hide it in tops, it’s bulging in places I don’t want it to, it’s getting a bit saggy! So now, aged 36, I am going on my first ever diet and health kick!

Crop Tops for the Summer

The reason I am telling you this is to give myself a kick up the backside. As I write I am craving chocolate and it’s only been two days since I had a bar. I have the sweetest tooth, I wake up in the night craving snacks and if there is something sweet in the house you can bet it won’t be there in the morning. My weight loss/health drive challenge is:

  • Aim to weigh nine stone (right now I am ten and a half).
  • One bar of chocolate per week and NO MORE! (I have the shakes already).
  • Exercise more – walking is the exercise I love providing I am not having a panic day, I might also give Yoga a go (at home of course).
  • One sugar in tea, maximum cups of tea per day – two.
  • No processed foods.

So there, it’s on the table. Let’s see how I do shall we? Who’s with me?





  1. William OToole

    Sooner or later we all have wobbly bits… It seems to me that women don’t have a point of telling their partner they have wobbly bits (Not the obvious ones lol) but if a man dare’s to say such a think to a woman he better RUN cos she’s gonna catch ya!
    We all age.. We all get older.. I guess it’s just something that happens.. Sure there are things you can to help.

    11 . May . 2014
  2. reclusivefox

    Haha you’re right! I mentioned my belly to my boyfriend and he said “I told you not to eat chocolate at night” I nearly killed him haha! Yeah I will get it sorted…two days with no chocolate or cakes is a start…..

    11 . May . 2014
  3. charlene

    Good luck! I can never lose weight, 3/4lbs at the most them add it back once I stop the diet.

    12 . May . 2014
  4. Erika

    Good luck with everything you want to achieve, just make sure you stay healthy when going for your goals. I hope you get what you want lovely!

    12 . May . 2014
  5. L

    I am like you when it comes to sweet tooth. So if I eat sweets I do more exercise not necessary the gym but a few push ups and press ups at home even my own version of yoga. I have found am losing weight without even trying. Good luck on your diet and stay strong.

    12 . May . 2014
  6. reclusivefox

    Thanks Erika, I”ll stay healthy. I am not going to be a crazy dieter I just want to cut out the junk and move more 🙂

    12 . May . 2014
  7. reclusivefox

    Exercise is my downfall, never been a fan really 😉

    12 . May . 2014
  8. L

    Not a fan either but it’s gat to be done x

    18 . May . 2014

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