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Self-Love Gets Personal – Revel Body Sol Review


When I discuss my belief in self-love with certain friends of mine they immediately snigger and say something along the lines of “ Masturbation you mean?”. We all have a jolly good laugh (because  we’re mature like that) and then I surprise them by letting them know that some of what I believe to be self-love does actually include masturbation and that I highly recommend it.

Back in my day girls/women didn’t really openly discuss playing with themselves. The guys would rarely talk about anything else and we all knew that that’s what they got up to the moment they had the chance,.But for us girls there was a certain level of secrecy and embarrassment that stopped us from freely admitting that we liked to have fun with our bodies too. While I suspect many of my friends did masturbate they didn’t admit it and they probably wouldn’t to this day. That’s fair enough, it is a private thing after all, but we’re not in the early nineties anymore and we’re now giggling adults instead of teenagers and some of us are parents too. What concerns me is that many women are denying themselves the benefits of masturbation that go beyond that momentary pleasure. As a parent I also worry that there are people out there who might be thinking what they’re doing is wrong.

Benefits of Intimate Self-Love

Self-love is all about picking up on your positives, learning to be good to yourself and to be your biggest supporter in order to face the world with a smile and get the most out of each and every day. It’s also about getting to know your body, your likes and dislikes but more importantly, it’s about loving your body, accepting it as something that is beautiful, special and priceless.

Giving yourself sexual pleasure is something I recommend when discussing self-love and here’s why:

  • Orgasms (and sex as a whole) helps to improve cardiovascular health and a healthy heart is something we all want.
  • Masturbation releases dopamine, a hormone that makes you feel good (we knew this already didn’t we girls) and this hormone is brilliant at helping us to relax. It releases tension and the hormone promote happiness and sleep. If you can’t sleep or suffer from insomnia give yourself an orgasm, it helps!
  • One of the physical benefits is the strengthening of the pelvic floor thanks to the increased tension of the pelvic muscle during climax.
  • Your mood can be enhanced thanks again to the release of dopamine and epinephrine.
  • Women that are happy with their sex lives are reported to live a better quality of life.
  • It’s a stress reliever that is totally free and doesn’t require the use of chemicals.
  • Masturbation is often prescribed for those suffering from sexual dysfunctions.

Above all else the act of bringing yourself to an orgasm on a regular basis strengthens the relationship you have with yourself – this is the self-love that I’m talking about. We love ourselves, it’s nurturing and through this act we’re able to gain confidence and become more self-aware. We know what brings us pleasure and as we’re the ones providing it we form a stronger personal bond. Amazing huh? And you thought it was ‘just’ an orgasm (or two).

The Revel Body Sol Sonic Vibrator Review

Self Love - Revel Body Sol Review

Some women like to play with toys and there are loads on the market but I am going to talk to you quickly about one that’s relatively new to the market and certainly unique. The Revel Body Sol isn’t your typical vibrator and that’s a great thing as far as I’m concerned. It’s not shaped like a penis, it doesn’t try to look realistic in any way (yay!), it’s a really cool looking ball-shaped vibrator that moves in magical ways.

Self Love - Revel Body Sol Review

Included in the gorgeous packaging are three interchangeable heads, Rose, Ever and Fawn. These attachments are easily placed on the QuietCore which is then slipped through the centre of the ball. It stays in place with the power of magnets and it is very strong. The bad news is the magnets are so strong you can’t use it if you have a pacemaker and you need to keep it away from your electronics and your piercings too! You also get a smart-looking USB charging dock that compliments the overall design and works well through your USB ports or USB plug.

The Revel Body Sol is 100% waterproof (your baths will never be the same again) and it’s a sonic vibrator that channels OM…..What’s so good about the OM frequency? Well if you’re into working on your own self-love and making the most of all those lovely health benefits masturbation brings then you’ll love the OM factor because it:

  • Promotes sexual awakening
  • Renews the mind, body and spirit
  • Further helps to reduce stress and tension
  • Deepens intimacy

Unlike other vibrators the Revel Body Sol moves back and forth for a whole new sensation – but let’s face it, you probably only want to know if it’s good or not. For £99 it better be good right?

Self Love - Revel Body Sol Review

If you’re into clitoral stimulation then you’re going to love it. There’s no probing going on, it’s direct stimulation of the clitoris and that feels amazing. There are a few downsides in my opinion – first off is the noise level. It isn’t a silent hum and the QuietCore isn’t quiet at all, it’s pretty darn noisy unless you turn it up to the sonic levels but the first three settings are the best in my opinion and these are loud. You couldn’t have a subtle session with anyone in the next room without them hearing it. The second downside is the buttons. There are three, the middle one is the power switch and this takes some pressure to activate or deactivate. The buttons either side of the power button turn the vibration levels up or down and these are slightly recessed which makes them tricky to locate, especially while your hands are between your legs. Practice will make perfect but there will be some fumbling for a while.

Self Love - Revel Body Sol Review

Do I recommend the Revel Body Sol? Yes, damn right I do. It’s great and can be used to stimulate your partner too and worked into your sex life with a little imagination. Is it worth the money? Yes I think it is. It’s not cheap but then you get a lot of healthy fun for your money, it doesn’t look tacky or corny in any way and if it was left on the side accidentally it’s not obvious as to what it is. It has a great feel to it, plus the fact that you can use it in different ways (such as in the bath to give you the feeling of oral pleasure thanks to the unique underwater suction feature) is a definite positive. And finally it can also be used as a massager, but in all honesty the best use is what it’s designed for.

Self-love and masturbation go hand in hand. If you suffer from a lack of self-confidence or even depression and anxiety I recommend spending some intimate time with yourself on a regular basis. Often depression and anxiety can lead to a lack of sex drive but it’s worth working through the barrier to release some of those much-needed happy hormones. There’s no one else to satisfy or please, it’s just you and that’s heavenly.

[UPDATE] Revel Body are donating £1 to The Eve Appeal from every Revel Body Sol purchased from their website. The Eve Appeal does great work raising awareness and funds for the battle against gynaecological cancers.


I was sent the Revel Body Sol in return for an honest review.




  1. Lilinha Espindula

    Interesting review, you actually made it easy to talk about it. I agree that it is not obvious what it is, in case they are left unattended and children get hold of it! x

    12 . Nov . 2014
  2. Nettie

    Thanks Lilinha 🙂

    12 . Nov . 2014
  3. Kerrie McGiveron

    This is a really great and honest review. 🙂 It sounds fun!

    12 . Nov . 2014
  4. The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover

    Much more discreet than the average phallus shape buzzy thing lol!

    12 . Nov . 2014
  5. Nettie

    Thank you Kerrie 🙂

    12 . Nov . 2014
  6. Nettie


    12 . Nov . 2014
  7. AK

    I love your honest post about self love it it a very interessting read and the review is great!

    13 . Nov . 2014
  8. Donna

    Fabulous review and really tastefully done! xx

    13 . Nov . 2014
  9. Susy

    yes it sounds like he had velvet. •Scratchs against hard objects•Fish is leLicrgha•toss of appetite and weight loss•Rapid, labored breathing•Fins clamped against body•Fine yellow or rusty colored film on skin•In advanced stages skin peeks off Was this answer helpful?

    09 . Mar . 2017

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