Shake That Weight Review – Part One

Shake That Weight

I am committed to shifting at least one stone, perhaps one and a half. So when Shake that Weight got in touch I was interested in learning more. Shake that Weight provides meal replacements as a way of losing weight. There are others like them out on the market, but these plans are not for the long term and they’re not for everyone. After doing a little research I found that the plans are designed for men and women with a BMI of 25 or above. As I don’t fall into this category I am unable to conduct a full on review. I won’t be living off the products and following the rules religiously, but I will be using them. I’ll get into how I’ll be using them a little later on so I will be able to tell you how they worked for me. Expect that review in about 2 weeks time. For now, I’m going to tell you a little bit about Shake that Weight and how it can be used if you have a BMI of 25 or more.

Shake That Weight is a very low-calorie diet. When they say very low, they mean very low. This is why it’s not something I can commit to. If you stick to the ‘Women with a Meal’ plan your daily calorie intake is 800 calories. If you have the ‘Woman Plan’ which is a total meal replacement plan for BMI’s of 30+, your calorie intake is just 600. Now those are obviously huge drops in calories from the recommended 2000. I am looking to drop 500 calories a day in order to aid my weight loss.  Shake the Weight is for rapid weight loss for people looking to lose between 1 and 10 stone. You can also use them to achieve ketosis, which maximises the body’s fat burning potential.  However, the ketogenic diet is only for people who are under medical supervision.

I chose the Woman with a meal plan and ordered 2 weeks worth of ‘replacement food’. There was quite a good choice, it’s not all milkshakes. There are noodles, ready meals, snacks, porridge and the shakes. I chose the shakes in multiple flavours, chocolate and normal porridge and a selection of snack bars. One of the reasons I struggle to lose weight is because I have a major sweet tooth. I hope that the snack bars will help to curb my sugar habit a little. Each of the products has 25% of your daily requirements of essential vitamins and minerals. So if you’re on the total replacement diet you will still get everything you need. The shakes are made with calcium casein protein instead of whey protein. Apparently, this protein is released slowly over 4 hours, helping to stop hunger.  In addition to the meal replacements, you will need to drink approximately 2 litres of water a day. I have recently begun aiming for 1 litre a day and I struggle with that. But, if you include the morning cup of tea and a glass of fruit juice I do just about manage it. Drinking 2 litres would be an absolute struggle for me and I would probably live on the toilet! But that is what’s recommended when you take on this diet. Drinking water does help with weight loss and it has a boatload of other benefits too, so it’s probably best to follow the rules on this one. Reading further they do say that you might need to increase the amount of fibre you eat to avoid constipation. Other side effects include The very low-calorie diet is recommended by the NHS for tackling obesity. So it’s worth looking into. You can find a few reviews on the website if you’re interested.

How I Plan on Using Shake That Weight

So far my experience with Shake That Weight has been positive. Ordering was really simple and the website was very easy to use. I did have a problem with the free delivery that is for orders over £50, but I had this refunded.  Even if I couldn’t have had it refunded I thought the £2.99 or £3.99 for next day with DPD was acceptable. There are sample packs available and I do recommend you try these before buying. The reason for this is that I purchased 7 packs of chocolate porridge and I can now say that I really don’t like it. I wish I had ordered more shakes instead as they’re pretty tasty.

I’m not managing obesity so I am not going to follow either of the plans. I am going to be counting calories and aiming for 1,400 per day. I am going to replace lunch with a shake. The reason being I often skip lunch or eat one that is high in calories (that damn tasty cheese and onion cheese sandwich meal deal down the shop is so good!). A shake appeals to me, it’s easy to make and that makes it ideal if I can’t be bothered to make anything. I am going to replace my daily chocolate bar with one of the snack bars too. I’ll be reaching for this around 7 pm each evening, a few hours after dinner. On some days I might take the shake at dinner time instead of lunch. This is because there are days when I don’t like eating what everyone else is having. The shake will save me cooking a second meal and still provide me with the essential vitamins and minerals that I need. I often skip meals and just have a chocolate bar and a bag of crisps. These meal replacements will help me to steer away from these bad choices. I’ll have one decent meal per day and increase the amount of fruit and veg I’m eating. Sugar will be reduced – I’m not putting any on my cereal or in my decaf tea in the morning anymore.  Finally, I have already been exercising for one week, burning on average 300 calories per day. I plan on continuing this routine for the next 4 weeks at least.

I do wish I could give you a full plan review but at the same time, I’m glad that I can’t. I do think there is a place for replacement meals, especially if you’re like me and you don’t enjoy cooking and often make bad choices. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to let you know about my experience and let you know if I manage to lose any weight by tailoring Shake That Weight to my lifestyle and goals. I have also found a fellow blogger, One Frazzled Mum, who is trying the Shake That Weight diet plan, you can find her first impressions, here.



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