Small Radios Big Televisions – #Review


Beautiful and weird. Those were our first impressions with Small Radios Big Televisions. This is an indie adventure title developed by Fire Face and published by Adult Swim Games. It’s full of nostalgia and the soundtrack is truly magnificent. The aim of the game is to find cassettes that will transport you to somewhere new. You solve puzzles in the 3D world and you’re rewarded with stylistic worlds to continue your adventures in.

Small Radios Big Televisions Review


It’s a hard one to review because it’s pretty unique. But I feel this is a game you’re either going to roll with and get lost in, or hate and never complete it. The puzzles aren’t too taxing to solve and there are times when they can feel a little repetitive, but the atmosphere will drive you further into the factories and encourage you to immerse yourself deeper into the game. It has a slight feeling of Fez about it, but this really is a game of its own. Once you find the cassette you’re transported into a myriad of environments to work through and find keys that will help you to get past locked areas that will probably confuse you somewhat. There are also lenses that you need to find in order to progress, but you won’t have to search for too long.

I can’t say much about the story because the information provided is very limited. I like to think about it more like an experience than a tale. Have a watch of our play through and see if you think this could be worth your time.

Small Radios and Big Televisions is a really interesting take on point and click. Two downsides for us were that it was quite short and the puzzles didn’t really pose a challenge. We hoped that they would get harder the further we progressed, but that isn’t the case. One other point is that this game feels like it has a lot of potential, but the gameplay is restrictive and you’re left wishing you could explore further and work out what the story is really about. Don’t let those negative points put you off. We were engrossed by the game and there was no way that we were going to leave it unfinished.  The music is outstanding and that’s probably one part of this title that will really stay with you after you complete it. It’s great for steam achievements and it’s a refreshing game that will ease you after a hectic day.

Small Radios and Big Televisions is available now on Steam.




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