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Staying Positive When Life Isn’t Playing Fair

Positivity tips
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I’ve had a rough week and at times I’ve felt pretty blue. Feeling negative and allowing those thoughts to penetrate your being only makes things worse, but it can be tough to absorb and exude positivity when life makes you want to cry. Thankfully I seem to have kicked my blues in the butt and so I thought I would share my positivity tips with you, so you’re already prepared for those bad days that can be very hard to avoid.

  1. Write it down. I started a personal diary last week, for the first time in about 14 years. Apart from my shocking handwriting, I found it to be extremely therapeutic. The pages are filled with my worries, concerns, distress and anger. It helped me to figure out my feelings and organise my mind. It’s important to be completely honest within the pages of your diary, write like no-one’s reading.
  2. Carry on with your day-to-day duties. I am all for hiding in bed sometimes but it’s not healthy for do it for too long. Have your wallow in self-pity for a day but then draw a line under it and get on with your usual activities, you’ll feel better. Letting the house turn into chaos or waking up to find you’ve run out of tea bags only makes things worse.
  3. Make a list of things you can do to improve the situation. I’m a bugger for writing lists, I love to be organised and focused and these lists I write help me to at least be organised on paper. I have a weekly calendar (currently from BusyB) and notepad on my desk and I use it to write down the positive jobs and wishes I have for the week ahead. It helps me to stop the negative thoughts from gaining too much traction in my brain.
  4. Talk about your worries if you can. If you’re having relationship problems it is better to get your concerns out in the open, for better or worse. If you are worried about your health, go and speak to your doctor. Find someone, your partner, friend, a family member, your pet, a teacher or work colleague, someone you’ve connected with online or a support group and have a moan but then let it go if you can. Listen to the response and consider the information that is sent back to you. If you need to make a change then do, but the decision needs to be yours.
  5. Look for the positives. The news is full of depressing and horrifying information that can bring even the happiest being to tears. But there’s good news out there too and that’s where to focus your energies. Avoid your usual news channels for a while and look for alternative sources, such as: http://aplus.com and http://positivenews.org.uk.

Life throws us challenges but we can’t let that stop us from making the most of the time we have. Negativity is not worth your time or energy but it is a powerful emotion that is hard to shift, especially when things aren’t going our way. Don’t give in; combat it with positive thoughts and actions that will help to carry you through to calmer waters.



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  1. Sarah

    Great post! Just what I needed today.

    Yours is just the kind of blog I’ve been looking for, I’ve just started a similar one myself. Will be following along!

    01 . Jul . 2015

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