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Panic disorder technique and tips

It’s been a while since I wrote a personal blog post. Life is all up in the air at the moment as we’re now just 27 days away from moving home (insert excited squeal here).  A friend of mine is emigrating to Australia this month and he offered us the chance to rent his beautiful house for at least five years, perhaps longer if their plans work out.

The new house is further away from town, G’s work and Elle’s school and it costs a lot more than where we are now, but we all fell in love with the house and wanted to move. After looking around we then had to wait a month before the move was confirmed. That was in January and for those four or five weeks I had extreme insomnia, my brain was on overdrive and would not shut up.  When February finally arrived we had the confirmation and since then I’ve been busy working as well as packing and decorating our current rented property. As a result my blog has been neglected somewhat, but I have some great plans for when we’re finally settled in our new home. I’m even thinking about vlogging as we’ll have a beautiful setting that I’ll be proud to show you all.

Feeling Stressed Out

Moving home is really stressful, especially when moving on a shoestring budget. If I was in this position a year ago I would have been suffering with panic attacks and extreme anxiety. As it is, I’m coping really well. Yes, I am stressed, I can feel the stress moving around my body, but I am still able to function. I’ve had two situations during this time when panic really came to the surface:

  • We visited my friend to finalise the move details for a second time and while we were sitting talking together I began to feel the usual symptoms of a panic attack. It was difficult to control, but I managed it.
  • The second occasion was at parents evening.  I’ve never experienced a parents evening without panic since my daughter began her school life.

However, using the technique I am about to tell you about I was able to calm myself down and actually enjoy the rest of both evenings.

Stop Fighting Panic Attacks

My new trick is to remove the fear out of the panic attack. In the past I would try to fight it, plead with it not to come, worry that I was about to collapse or faint and often succumb to the need to run. Not anymore.

Now when the panicky thoughts enter my mind or I feel my heart begin to race, notice I’m fidgeting or even just begin to feel on edge, I take a moment and say in my head “Come on then, let’s get this panic attack over with.” I welcome it in, tell it to come so I can get it over with and then carry on like before. And just like that I will begin to recover and within minutes I’m back in control.

It sounds simple, it probably sounds stupid too, but it’s working. Many of my panic and anxiety attacks are brought on by the simple fear of having one, the fear of what will happen to me or how I am going to be able to cope and look normal while my heart is trying to explode out of my chest. So by mentally removing that fear I am able to stop the attack in its tracks. I’m in the driving seat, not the anxiety, not the panic attack. This is my life and I am claiming it back from my panic disorder.

This technique was quite hard to do when I was sat in my soon to be new home talking to one of my oldest friends in the world. I didn’t have a full blown panic though and I was able to push through and cope until it was time to leave. The situation at parents evening was far more successful. Within one conversation I felt the wave of panic come, told it to come so it can sod off quicker and regain control within a few minutes, all while continuing to hold a conversation.  I went on to wait in the crowded hall and corridors and have conversations with several teachers (and fellow parents, arggg!) without a hint of panic or anxiety for the following hour and a half. Incredible.

Have you ever tried this technique? It’s proving to be the most effective and powerful one I’ve come across.


  • Use this technique as soon as you feel yourself becoming anxious or notice you’re heading into panic mode
  • Actually say your chosen sentence(s) in your head
  • Remember to invite it in so you’re able to get it over with
  • Remember that panic attacks aren’t pleasant but they aren’t deadly
  • Face the enemy, stop running away and believe that you can take control of your life again

I’ve tried to find a video explaining this technique but I can’t. I did find this one that is really useful though and discusses facing the fear of the panic attack in order to overcome it.




  1. Rebecca

    Great advice! I suffer from Panic attacks and these are the kinds of things that do really make a difference!


    01 . Mar . 2015
  2. Sandra

    Great post! I cope with mine with homeopathic tablets and meditation CDs one in particular which calms me instantly!

    01 . Mar . 2015
  3. Emma

    Love this post hun. I used to suffer with panic attacks quite a lot when I was younger and would have found this post so so helpful xxx

    01 . Mar . 2015
  4. Nettie

    Do you have the name of the CD? It might be good to share with my readers 🙂 I also take a vitamin supplement and use lavender oil if struggling, works well 🙂

    01 . Mar . 2015
  5. Nettie

    Thanks Becca x

    01 . Mar . 2015
  6. Nettie

    Thank you Emma. It’s always good to hear from someone who has suffered in the past but no longer does.

    01 . Mar . 2015
  7. Nettie

    Thanks Sinead. It’s always good to show a bit of an insight to people who don’t suffer x

    01 . Mar . 2015

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