Superhot – Stylish FPS That Makes You Think

superhot review and gameplay

I’ve played so many interesting games this year that have surprised me and given me new experiences and Superhot is following that trend.  It’s a first person shooter, but an fps unlike any other I’ve played before. You see, time only moves when you do, so if you stand still, time will stand still too, meaning bullets will stop and so will the enemies. The effect is pretty awesome as it’s not impossible to dodge a load of bullets or reposition yourself to take enemies down or work out the puzzle. That being said, don’t think for one second that this game is easy. It’s tricky and some of the puzzles and achievements will push you, even as far as outside the boundaries of the game (you need to play it to see what I mean).

Before I go into the game I have to say I love the way the game starts, it’s very hard to describe but it certainly has a subliminal message type of feel to it as SUPER HOT flashes up on the screen. Have a watch of G’s first look down below to see it for yourself. It does stick in your head too, very cool.

One of the things that will keep you playing Superhot is the fact that it respawns almost instantaneously, which will prevent any desire to rage quit. It’s addictive and the look of the game does impress. I don’t think I’ve ever seen white appear so white!

Using the ability to stop time will give you a chance to work out what to do next and you certainly will need to do that. But when you reach the end of the level you’ll be treated to a real-time playback that will blow your mind. Sometimes you’re better off not shooting all the enemies, but disabling one and smashing the weapon so they can no longer hurt you. This will play in your favour if you’re hunting achievements as some will require you to explore the levels but you can only do this if you leave one enemy alive.


It’s bizarre, it makes you think in new ways as it requires you to anticipate the behaviour of your enemies while you use time to your advantage in order to complete the level.  The game’s difficulty does increase as you go through the 32 levels. You’ll find more enemies, less cover available, and scenarios that would be impossible to survive without the ability to stop time. The main downside is that the game doesn’t seem to take you on a journey; you simply use the time controlling skills you’re given to get through the different levels. It’s a short game to complete (3 or 4 hours), but it will take you longer if you want to get all of those achievements along the way.  Once you have completed the game you are rewarded with some challenge modes too.

Superhot is a great game that allows you to manipulate time to your advantage. You’ll need to think tactically in order to complete the levels, but with the aid of the quick respawn you’ll find yourself wanting to finish it rather than getting fed up with the whole thing and heading back to the dashboard.

Available on the Xbox One, PC, Linux and Mac.

Developer: SUPERHOT Team / Publisher: SUPERHOT Team



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