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Synerva CBD Oil Review

CBD Oil Review UK

For the last month, G has been taking a daily dose of Synerva CBD Oil. It’s been a bit of an experiment to see if the oil would produce some positive outcomes. While not able to claim any medical benefits, the CBD oil is known for helping to improve wellness and that it can help with inflammation and pain. Now G is only a young man, but he is a man who quite regularly wakes up with aches and pains. These pains are down to work, there’s no physical illness present, just the work environment and culture that seems not to focus on health and safety as much as it should.

G is also not a great sleeper and can have a negative outlook, something inbuilt more than anything else. Since CBD oil became legalised we’ve discussed trying it. As soon as Synerva CBD Oil contacted me with an opportunity I mentioned it to G and he jumped at the chance. Here are his experiences.

What Oil Did G Take?

First off let me tell you a bit about the oil. G was sent a 3% starter CBD oil.  Synerva and based in the UK, but the phytocannabinoid rich CBD hemp oil comes from Colorado, grown under strict guidelines with 100% organic farming practices. The oils are GMO and pesticide-free and are free from THC.  This oil was perfect for G as he has never taken CBD oil before, there are others available for those who aren’t so new to the world of CBD. G was told to start nice and slow to wake up his Endocannabinoid system up gently and increase the benefits.

 It Tastes Gross!

The first drop of oil was met with disgust – it tastes like grass and nettles, something G was and still isn’t a fan of. If you like grass and nettles you’ll be very happy, but G will be switching over to capsules from now on as it’s a taste that he cannot get used to. The great news is that gel capsules are available as well as gummies!

Low Strength and Dosage

G has followed the recommended dosages as a beginner. He started with just a single drop, 3 times per day for the first couple of days and moved up to 3 drops, 3 times a day. The instructions say to increase until you find your own sweet spot, there’s no mention of limitations. However, G has remained at 3 drops. On a few occasions, the afternoon dose was dropped because of work and not having the oil available, but other than that G has stuck to the recommendation.

Any Changes?

If you ask G, he will so no. If you ask me, I will say, perhaps. I don’t think G is waking up and complaining about his aching pains (back, arms, legs, knees, ankles, fingers, wrists) anywhere near as much as usual. He has mentioned being sore and aching a couple of times, but it used to be daily. No, I’m not exaggerating. I don’t know if that’s because it’s helping with pain relief or inflammation or if it’s a mood lifter.

Current Thoughts and Future Steps

There haven’t been any negative side effects. G will say he hasn’t really noticed any positive ones either. I’m on the fence, I’m pretty sure he isn’t complaining as much about pains but also in general, however, I suspect that he would benefit more from a larger dose. He’s not writing it off as a placebo quite yet, but he has thrown that word around a couple of times. I disagree fully about the placebo thing (if it is I have nothing against placebos, I think they play an important role in their own right), I think it is a genuine beneficial product, but it can take a while to find the right level for your own requirements. Some further experimentation is required and we are discussing looking at the next steps to see if we can find his personal sweet spot.


Thanks to Synerva CBD Oils for working with us.




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