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The First Twitch Experiment Results

The first month is over, so how did things go?

Out of the five areas focused on Ashnichrist’s video, I concentrated mainly on two but had the other three in my mind. To recap, the five tips shared by Ashni, were:

  • Lack of consistency
  • Failing to interact or entertain your viewers
  • Spamming
  • Streaming over saturated games
  • Not expressing value

The video is so great as it covers a lot of information, but I found that there were three points that really resonated with me.

  1. I didn’t stick to a schedule – it was a rough outline and I often skipped days
  2. I was playing Overwatch more than anything else
  3. Expressing value was not something I could get my head around

I spent the first couple of weeks digesting the information, really thinking about what Ashni was trying to teach and putting the points into context. I wrote up short blogs on each point and decided there were two areas where I would put most of my energy for the month of October. These were to create, commit to and follow a schedule and to look for a new game that wasn’t so saturated. Here’s how it went.

Setting a Schedule and Using Trello

Setting a schedule was difficult but I discussed it with the household and picked 3 days where I would stream for at least 3 hours. The schedule needed to fit in with everyone’s work schedules so I picked:

Twitch experiments

I used Trello to map out the month of streams and created a separate board for my work schedule. I’ve tried using Trello in the past for work but I never really found it to be of use. This time, I’ve tried to stick with it and although I don’t think Trello itself has made me more efficient, it has helped to have things written down and available on my PC and my phone. The scheduled streams kicked off on October 16th, so it’s hasn’t been an entire month yet, but I have noticed a few things.

  • Having a solid schedule in place has pushed me not to skip a stream, or be late, or to postpone in any way. Having the schedule written down and clearly visible on my channel helps me to fight through any niggles to pass and get on with things.
  • I am already noticing some regular faces in stream, and not just fellow streamers from communities I’m in.
  • I gained a subscriber!
  • I feel it’s working

I may have to push the hours forward one hour but I’m going to give it a full month before I mess with it. The other thing to note is that the hours of the schedule might not be the best as regards to viewers, but they are all I can commit to. It’s early days but I do already see the benefits of being consistent, not only in my streams as it’s resonating through all areas of my life.

The second area of focus was what I was playing. Although I did play different titles (I’m a variety streamer after all) in the weeks leading up to the experiment most of my streams were Overwatch based. I adore Overwatch and still manage to play daily once everything else is done, but I’ve only streamed an hour of it all month. I decided to visit a game that I have been itching to get on for a long time, but that I held off because it was out of my comfort zone.  The game is Black Desert Online (I’m now close to addiction). I noticed Black Desert Online appeared on Twitch Strike every time I visited. Twitch Strike is a great resource that is used to find games with decent audience numbers and low streamer numbers. Well worth checking out if you’re looking to find a game you’re interested in that isn’t being streamed by thousands on Twitch.

The Results

The first month involved 2 weeks of thinking, planning, and writing and 2 weeks of putting those processes into action. The results on my Twitch channel have been great. I’m enjoying a new game, learning loads and having fun, but what about numbers?

Average Twitch Viewers


A positive start. I do need to work on bringing more value but I believe that will come in time. Outside of the video tips I’ve worked on:

  • New graphics for the stream
  • Introducing a green screen
  • A new logo design
  • Created sub badges
  • Updated my dashboard and added the schedule extension

I’ll be sticking to what I’ve learned during October as we move onto the next Twitch experiment, which will be revealed on the blog tomorrow at 8pm!



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