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The Twitch Experiments – Setting Goals for 2019

The end of the year is always a good time to take stock and think ahead. I’ve had an amazing time on Twitch in 2018. After returning to the stream in March after 12 months off I achieved affiliate status in April. It was a bit of a push and I admit after reaching that achievement I took a bit of a back seat, still streaming but very casually and with no real goals in mind. Fast forward to August and I began to focus more on what I wanted to achieve. I found Ashnichrist and after a month or two of watching her videos on YouTube, I started The Twitch Experiments. This is the start of month three and I’ve already noticed definite improvements in my stats but more importantly, in my love for streaming.

2019 and Beyond

My stream goals for 2018 were to become a Twitch Affiliate and to reach 350 followers. Both of those goals have been achieved but knowing what I know now I would not have had the 350 follower goal. You see, it’s good to have goals that you have control over. You can’t control the number of people who will decide to give you a follow. That’s why my Twitch Goals for 2019 look a little different.

Long Term Twitch Goals

Last month I was invited to join the Twitch Kittens Community stream team. One of my main goals is to be accepted onto the Twitch Kittens Stream Team but there’s a bit of work to do before I get there. However, I must admit my main long-term goal would be to work full time on Twitch, streaming and working with devs and brands I truly admire. Partnership would be fantastic, the cherry on top, but provided I was able to earn a living, or even a part time living through streaming I’d be over the Short-Term

Short Term Goals

Ashnichrist has a great video about setting goals, have a watch and then I’ll share mine with you.

With the end goals in mind, I have three goals that I’ll be working towards in the first quarter of 2019. Obviously, in that time I’d like to have established more of a community and made more friends, but how to achieve that? I have no control over whether people will want to be friends with me. What I can do is:

  1. Be reliable
  2. Work to become a more confident streamer
  3. Try to make friends in Twitch communities

Therefore, my January to April goals are:

  1. Stick to my schedule for 4 months (sickness or unavoidable situations will result in replacement streams).
  2. Look directly into the camera when having conversations with viewers – I am currently rubbish at this! Lack of confidence.
  3. Speak in discords and on streams – I admit I’m a definite lurker in both discord and live streams. I’m not always able to talk but I’ll dedicate a set amount of time to make more of an effort. Again, confidence holds me back here.

These are goals I generally have control over (as much as life allows control) and therefore they are my starting points for 2019. We’ll meet again at the end of April and discuss the goals for the second quarter of the year and perhaps see if my long-term goals have changed. Until then, here’s how we’re starting off December.

5.2 Average Viewers, 5 Sub Points, 350 followers and in the past 30 days I’ve streamed for 31.51 hours over 13 days.

Don’t forget to come and join me during a live stream every Tuesday and Wednesday at 2 pm and Sunday at 5 pm GMT, I’d love to see you there!




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