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The Twitch Stream Experiments – Intro

Twitch Experiments

I stream occasionally on Twitch. I try to make it weekly, but sometimes things get in the way and I skip a day or a week entirely. Often, these are things that could be put off, avoided or it’s because I’m simply ‘not feeling it’. Basically, I haven’t been taking streaming seriously. I think there are a few reasons for this.

  1. I don’t want to fail
  2. I’m not honest about my feelings towards streaming
  3. I’m embarrassed and shy, possibly linked to anxiety
  4. Laziness outside of work

A Brief Look at My Twitch Story, So Far

I started streaming in 2016, but due to a reoccurring family illness (and a freezing office) I stopped for about a year and restarted in March 2018 and managed to get affiliated in April. Since then, my streams haven’t really progressed. I’ve started a discord, made a handful of friends and spent a lot of time thinking about my purpose when it comes to Twitch and streaming. Why am I doing it? What do I want to take from it and where do I want to go with it? Hard questions, but I finally have a direction.

I plan on writing a blog on how I became affiliated soon as well as addressing the reasons I’ve not been taking streaming seriously. For now, I want to let in you in the plan that’s been bubbling in my head over the summer.

Feeling Inspired and Looking for Help

While mulling over the thoughts mentioned above I searched for YouTube videos and podcasts for help and inspiration. One day, while nosing around Insta stories I noticed Ashnichrist. I’d been following Ash for a while and I was aware that she was a stream coach but to be honest I hadn’t ventured outside of Instagram. One day, I thought I’d check out what she had to say, stumbled over to the Ashnichrist’s YouTube channel and began watching. I found a lot of great information, and I mean, loads. I have watched through a tonne of her videos and tried to take on board the great content being shared, but I quickly became overwhelmed. I needed to concentrate, take things slow, and so I came up with the idea of the Twitch experiments. I reached out to Ash, letting her know my idea and she loved it, so here I am.

What are the Twitch Stream Experiments?

Over the next few months, I’m going to be focusing on one or two (depending on the weight of the content) videos each month and putting them into action. At the end of each month, I’ll report on how I found it, whether the information useful and if I was able to put it into action, where I succeeded and where I fell down. I’ll also be sharing the changes (if any) to my Twitch channel.


This isn’t sponsored by Ashnichrist, I’m not getting anything in return and until the other day Ash had no clue I existed. I may even use other content creators helps and tips as we travel along the journey.

I’m a mum, full-time freelancer, girlfriend, gamer and a streamer on the side. I have absolutely no money to invest in coaching, mentorship or improving my set up. I’m like a lot of streamers and I want to see if I can grow using only free, easily accessible content online. Perhaps my journey will be of use to someone, it might even help my channel and myself evolve, there’s a chance that it won’t. We’re going to find out together. If you’d like to follow my journey I recommend following me on Twitter for Twitch Experiment updates, or bookmark my website and pop back for the monthly updates.

My first step is to pick the video I’ll be focusing on in October, stay tuned!




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