Think You Want Your Own Christian Grey? This Book Might Change Your Mind

Cuffed, Tied and Satisfied Review

Warning: May Cause Redness of Cheeks

When given the opportunity to review Cuffed, Tied and Satisfied I didn’t think twice about it. It’s something I am personally interested in reading, I love a good erotic novel here and there and I’m not offended by BDSM in any way. However, after reading the book I did think twice about writing the review. What would my readers think? Would it be a good idea to write about it on my own personal blog? I still don’t know the answer to that but I decided to go with my heart. This is my personal blog after all and this is a book that I wanted to read, so why not share it here? If not here, where? I will say this though, if you’re already put off by this post then don’t read further, choose another post instead.

Cuffed, Tied and Satisfied by Jaiya Review

Like millions of other women (and men) I read the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy a few years back. I actually read it when it was just one book, before it hit the shelves and became the best seller. Now, while there are a few problems with the book (not the best written piece of work in the world) I did enjoy the general story as did many of my friends. It started casual conversations of BDSM and giving up control in the bedroom. Most of my friends loved the idea of their man taking on the role of Christian (or finding the real life Christian grey equivalent) and all of those same friends are eagerly awaiting the release of the movie in 2015 (but devastated that Charlie Hunnam pulled out of the role!). But I wonder how many of them would really like to get involved in the world of BDSM beyond the boundaries of playful fantasies.

For me, Cuffed, Tied and Satisfied answered that very question and that’s what I think is so great about this book.  You see, the deeper you delve into the pages the more sure, or unsure, you’ll become about testing the BDSM waters. Whether you’re turned on by dominating or submitting I think you too will find the answer for yourself.

You’re introduced to different concepts, all of which are pretty easy to understand and get your head around. You’re encouraged to think up one or more sexual personas, called your EEP. This is like a character you can become and introduce into your sex life and even go beyond into your daily life too. I enjoyed how Jaiya encourages you to not think too much about the idea of creating this character, it’s not like becoming someone else entirely, it’s more like what we already do in other areas of our lives. We have a work uniforms, we wear other clothes and act in different ways when we’re relaxing in the home or when we’re working out up the gym. I thought that was great. Your EEP is just another extension of the real you. You can think about the clothes this side of you likes to wear, what music they might like to listen to and what gets them into the mood.  Basically it’s like the idea of wearing your sexiest lingerie or dress because you know it turns you and/or your partner on but taking it a little bit further.

Taking Things A Bit More Seriously

The second part of the book goes into a lot more detail. Here Jayia gives advice on how to do things, how to remain safe or spice it up. It talks about the different types of submission and gives you guides and ideas on scenes you might want to investigate and try out for yourself. This is where the book lost its fun for me. I found myself skipping through the chapters but not because it was badly written or boring, rather because by then I had realised that diving deep into BDSM just isn’t for me. A playful spanking, being blindfolded or tied to the bed is one thing; signing contracts, having safe words and experimenting with pain, pleasure, control and deprivation on a deeper level is something else entirely.

Do I recommend this book? If you’ve ever considered taking or giving up control in your relationship and have no experience in this area then I certainly do recommend you pick up this book and give it a read. I feel it is written for people completely new to the concept that are interested in learning more. I think you’ll soon realise if it’s something you truly want to test out. I do also recommend that you share the book with your partner and let them make up their own mind too. You might think submitting is the hard thing to do but it turns out domination requires a lot of self-control, care and planning. If you’re into the whole scene (I doubt you are because you’re still reading this far!) then you won’t need this book.

3 Stars Out of 5

I was given this book to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 





  1. Laura

    I have to say I have not read Shades of Grey and even though this is a different book it does sound quite intriguing – great review and thanks for sharing

    Laura x

    07 . Oct . 2014
  2. Mel

    It does sound like it would be a good book to those new to this scene.

    07 . Oct . 2014
  3. Jess Witkins

    I’ll add the title to my goodreads list. And I’m glad you blogged about it! I wouldn’t have heard about it otherwise, and you’re right – it is your blog and if you liked the book and want to talk about it, do that!

    08 . Oct . 2014

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