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It’s Time to Break Up with the News

Avoid reading the news and gossip magazines to fight depression and feel happierWhen someone is feeling depressed the very last thing that they need is exposure to negativity. That’s why giving up the news is a great thing to do when you’re feeling blue. Let’s face it, there aren’t many news channels out there that are full of uplifting tales of heroism and love. Any stories that are supposedly ‘inspirational’ usually have the backdrop of hardship, horrors and heartbreak. 

The media feeds us things we don’t need to know, so why continue to read it? Not all of it is true, not all of it is necessary and a lot of it, especially in the tabloids, is based upon envy, spite and judgements. 

If you read the news I challenge you to give it up for a week. Don’t head over to the news websites, don’t click on links shared by friends and avoid the newsstands too. 

This won’t be easy, especially if you look at the news as a way of procrastinating, it will probably be a habit of yours that will need some work to break. I know, I have recently banned myself from reading the news simply because of the way it makes me feel. My habit was to read the news on my phone and I have found it hard not to type in BBC News each morning or evening, but I have only succumbed twice over the last two weeks, so I’m doing okay. 

Tips on How to Break the News Habit

  • Find some great blogs you can rely on to have regular updates. If you don’t have a favourite blog it’s high time you found one. Type in your passions and interests and hunt down a great blogger you can relate to. Twitter is an amazing source for bloggers, use the hashtag to narrow down your searches and see what you can discover. When you are itching for a news fest visit the blogs instead. At the end of the day you really can’t go wrong with Icanhascheezburger if you’re really stuck.
  • Change the radio station! I stopped listening to the radio many years ago when I was advised to give up the news by my therapist. Radios are cruel, they play your favourite song from the eighties and then tell you something horrific that has happened to a poor innocent just moments later. It’s a great high followed by a heartbreaking low you can do without. There are plenty of radio stations out there that don’t have any ads, I love rock radio. Or simply listen to your albums on itunes or discover something new on Spotify instead.
  • Walk away from the Internet. I sourced all my news online so when I am bored and find myself close to visiting a news website sometimes I take it as a sign that I need to get away from the screen for the while and do something else. It’s amazing how many extra jobs I’ve managed to get done by adopting this practice!

Reading news can release high levels of stress hormones into your system and let’s face it, we really don’t need anymore. Do yourself a favour and don’t let the tabloids have this effect on you, you deserve to be happy! 





  1. Stephanie

    What a good idea, the news really can get you down, plus I find myself always searching for the news online. Like you I imagine I’d be able to get so many more jobs done if I stopped searching for news online.

    29 . Apr . 2014
  2. reclusivefox

    Yes it really is a procrastinators dream/nightmare depending on how you look at it!

    29 . Apr . 2014
  3. JessicaLouise (@JessycaLouise)

    It’s so true, but as a journalist in training giving up the news is impossible for me! xxx

    29 . Apr . 2014
  4. reclusivefox

    I hear you loud and clear. I have to keep my eye on some aspects of the news for my business but I control it by only searching for relevant topics and the latest stories. It makes it tough though, it would be impossible without Google! I take a full break when work allows it:)

    29 . Apr . 2014

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