Toni & Guy Daily Conditioning Hair Dryer #Review

I recently had my hair cut for the first time in SEVEN YEARS! I have been itching to change my hair for ages and I finally felt like I was able to do it. You see, with social anxiety and panic attacks I found going to the hairdressers an extremely difficult thing to do. I hated sitting there, being trapped in the seat while a stranger would bombard me with small talk and get all up in my space. It was hell. However, I continue to manage my mental health problems so I was a really brave soul and I went to brand new hairdressers up town (I’ll do a review on them at a later date).

Lond story short, I now have a haircut that requires a bit of effort. The hairdresser taught me how to use a big brush and a hair dryer to get some lift and gives the impression of fuller hair. I went straight up to boots to buy a round brush and then as soon as I got home I realised that I had no idea where the nozzle of my hairdryer was, so I bought a new one off Amazon. What the hell, I deserve a treat! I didn’t have a big budget though so I picked the Toni & Guy Daily Conditioning Hair Dryer. It cost less than twenty quid, was included in Prime and had some of the features I was looking for.

Tony and Guy Daily Conditioning Hair Dryer review

Daily Conditioning Hair Dryer

  1. Concentrator nozzle
  2. 3-meter cable
  3. Ionic technology
  4. Cold blast for setting
  5. Low heat option

My hair is beyond fine and it’s pretty damaged all the way to the root. I have never really done much with it other than cut it myself, blast it with a hairdryer occasionally and sometimes given it a curl. I will now be drying it a whole lot more with a dryer so I wanted an iconic hairdryer that is designed not to be quite as harsh.  This one has a moisture retention system that shouldn’t cause as many breakages. Combine that with the lower heat setting my fine hair needs I am hoping that the damage won’t be increased. The weight of the hairdryer is great, it saves very sore arms while trying to master the big curl brush and nozzle technique! It’s also designed for people like me who wash their hair daily, like me.

Tony and Guy Daily Conditioning Hair Dryer review

The Down Side

The packaging is great and the features of the hair dryer are just what I was after. The price is fantastic, but there is a little niggle. The build quality of the hairdryer feels pretty cheap. It’s very plasticky. It feels like it cost less than twenty quid…Which it did but that’s not really the point. While this does disappoint me a little, I am still happy with the purchase. If you have a small budget then it’s a fantastic option to go for. I even found it listed in the top 12 hairdryers in The Independent


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