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Twitch Stream Experiments – Failing to Find Your Value

Ashnichrist says the number one reason why you aren’t growing on Twitch is that you’re failing to express your value. Value? What the hell is my value? How can I express something and put it across in my streams when I don’t really know what it is? It’s very clear through these questions and my anxiety that I experienced when watching Ashnchrist’s video on the ‘top 5 reasons you aren’t growing on Twitch’ that it was and is area that I need to work on.

I’ve had a few weeks to think about my value and I have come up with a few of things that I think I can bring to the Twitch table.

My Value as a Twitch Streamer

No one else is me, I’m unique

I think this is a great piece of value that everyone has. There isn’t another you, bringing your own self to Twitch is unique. Be yourself and be proud. I don’t know if this is actually enough to really grow on Twitch but I think it’s a point worth remembering when you’re finding it hard to find your own value.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Mental Health Awareness

Something I really believe in is spreading mental health awareness. My blog is centered around sharing my own mental health journey and sharing my experiences and gaming. Gaming and mental health go hand in hand for me and I know that there are many gamers that experience anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia just like I did.

With this in mind, I’ve been thinking of building a safe and friendly community that is welcoming to those who may be experiencing difficult times. I want a relaxed community, a safe house that is supportive and loving. I’m also more than happy to share the things that help me to manage my anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia. I appreciate that they won’t be right for everyone, but I’d like to share my experiences and maybe they’ll be of use to someone.

I recently reached out to checkpointorg.com  to see if I can work with them in some way. I’m also open to other organisations to help spread awareness. This is something I feel strongly about (the reason I started this blog, 5 years ago!) so I’d like to make this a value I bring to Twitch, somehow.

OG Gamers

Okay, I’m not quite an original gamer, I didn’t play Pong, but I think I’m close enough. I’m 41, a mum, and I’m a gamer. I feel this is a gamer community that isn’t given its dues. My first gaming experience was with the Commodore 64 in the eighties. I became a gamer in the mid-nineties thanks to the SNES and games like SimCity, Mario Kart and StarFox. Female gamers in my stage of life are not fully represented, so perhaps this is where I could step up!

Now I have thought of my value I’ll need to refine it and come up with something that is relatable with my audience. I’ll be watching more videos on value as I’m currently quite stuck on how to express my value and use it to improve my streams and grow on Twitch. I have a few ideas for the mental health awareness as I mentioned above, but no ideas for anything else, other than just continuing to be me and opening up more on stream and in my Discord.

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