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Twitch Stream Experiments – Failing to Interact and Spamming

Talking and Spam

Failing to interact or entertain the audience is listed as number 2 in Ashnichrist’s video, ‘Top 5 Reasons You Aren’t Growing on Twitch’. This is the first video that I’m using in my Twitch Stream Experiments, so I want to address this in a quick blog post today.

Talking to Myself on Stream

I’m not really a talker in real life, I’m quite secluded and have a minimal social life, mainly down to years of being a total recluse thanks to mental health problems. However, I’m quite comfortable taking to myself on stream. Out of the 5 reasons, this is one that I feel quite confident with as I will talk even if no one is watching, which can be quite often. The only reason I won’t talk is if I’m really concentrating or there’s a cut scene to watch.

Why it’s Important to Talk

One of the reasons I talk is because I will leave a stream if the broadcaster doesn’t say anything, probably within the first minute or two. Personally, I’d rather watch someone who will chat, whether they want to talk about the game, their dog, their day, dreams, whatever. Just talk to me and I’ll sit around for a while, if I feel connected I’ll give you a follow and want to see you again. I know this isn’t the same for everyone, but it’s important for me.

Lurkers and Talkers

I’ve just told you that I like a talker, but I haven’t confessed to being a lurker. Well, I’m a lurker, it’s my favourite activity and I’d much rather lurk than chat to the streamer and other viewers probably 85% of the time. This is because I watch streams while I’m working, cleaning, eating and chilling out in bed at the end of a busy day. These are often when I can’t type or don’t feel like typing in chat. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to streamer to talk, because I do.

Does that make me the worst type of viewer, probably, but I’m not alone. This is why when the view count is showing 0, I remember that it takes a while to update and that there could be a solitary lurker there who wants me to say stuff. I speak to them and for them. Personally, I love lurkers as much as those who interact, so I want them to hang around and feel at home in my streams.

If you don’t want to talk or interact you can always try and build an audience looking for a non-interactive streamer. There’s probably a big audience for you and this could become your value, but it isn’t for me. I’ll continue to work on talking as I game but also try to think up some questions to ask in each stream that will hopefully encourage my viewers to get involved so we build on growing our friendships.

Spamming is a No Go!

Point 3 in the video is spamming over forming real relationships with people. This is a point I don’t need to work on as I’m not a spammer. I’d never go into someone’s stream to advertise myself. I also won’t comment my links on any social network unless someone asks me to.

I can’t believe this isn’t just common sense to be honest, but some people love to spam and they may find it to be useful to grow numbers, but I doubt it will ever be helpful in developing relationships. I’m not here for numbers, I’m here to hopefully grow a friendly community of likeminded people. I don’t spam and I won’t start spamming.

This week is the first week of my new Twitch schedule, as inspired by Ashnichrist’s video, read all about it here, or visit me on Twitch to see it in action every Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday!




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