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Twitch Stream Experiments – Streaming Saturated Games

Continuing on with the Twitch Experiments I’m looking at point number 4 in Ashnicrhist’s video, Top 5 Reasons You Aren’t Growing on Twitch. I totally understand what Ashnichrist says in her video about having a strategy and playing Overwatch has an impact on how my channel grows. The tip here is to concentrate on playing the games with high level of viewers and low number of streamers. There’s even a great resource suggested by Ashnichrist called Twitch Strike. This site gives you suggestions on what to stream and when based on these numbers, great for if you have an extensive game library.

What I love and what has made me think a little is when Ashnichrist says it’s okay to go in playing highly saturated games on Twitch if you’re a hobby streamer. This is when you don’t really want to make it a career in any way, just keep it as a hobby and a way to make friends. So what do I want? Staying a hobby streamer or approaching streaming with a career mindset.

Ashnichrist is Making Me Think!

Hobby or career? Part of me, the part that wants to play only what I enjoy is screaming at me to keep it as a hobby. The other part of me, the part that would like to see Twitch as a career move is thinking perhaps I should ditch Overwatch entirely. For now, I’m sat on the fence between keeping it relaxed and getting serious. Yes, I would love to make this a career, but then I don’t want to lose the fun. I’m mulling things over and in the upcoming weeks I’ll be coming up with a strategy that’s edging towards the next level.

Streaming Overwatch on Twitch

I love Overwatch and I stream it. It’s over saturated on Twitch and I do achieve greater viewer counts when I play something not so popular, but I’m not going to stop. I’ll continue to stream Overwatch but it isn’t the only game I’m playing, which is why I think it’s okay, at least for now. I’m a variety streamer so I’m not putting all my eggs into one gaming basket. People can come to me for Overwatch or avoid my Overwatch stream and return on a day for something else.

Why I’ll Continue to Stream Overwatch

  1. I want to get better at it and I only have so many hours a week to dedicate to gaming
  2. I enjoy it and I think it’s fun to watch people play who are seriously into the game
  3. I’d like to gain more Overwatch loving friends
  4. I’m always open to hearing tips
  5. Finding players to join up with and play together on and off-stream is fun
  6. I’ll be starting community nights once my stream gains more traction
  7. I want to record my own growth

Watch me put the Twitch experiment tips into action over the next few months over on my Twitch channel. We’re approaching the end of the first month already!




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