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Wagging Tails – Tails.com First Look Video

tails.com review

If you follow the blog you’ll already know about my dogs, Floyd and Booker. Well, while having a nose on Facebook the other day I saw an advert from tails.com and it immediately grabbed my interest. They’re a tailor-made dog food company that delivery you the food that is ideally suited to your dog. You fill in your dog’s profile and from that they come up with the ideal food to benefit them, it’s really cool. The advert was offering a free trial for one dog and all you have to pay is £1 for the delivery – I couldn’t resist!

I ended up getting a free trial for both of my dogs (paying a bit more for the second dog) and the package arrived yesterday. So I made a quick first look video to show you what you get. If you’re curious about tails.com and are considering ordering why not take a look at the video below. Before you watch please note that I know my nails look terrible. I’m wearing e.l.f nail varnish that I snapped up for 50p off their website – needless to say it doesn’t stand up to house work despite being chip resistant!

Loving the packaging and the good news is, both my dogs seem to be loving the food too! I’ll write-up another post in a couple of weeks with my final thoughts.





  1. Tracey

    Wow! What a great idea. Wonder no one has ever thought of it before – or have they? It’s been a very long time since I owned a dog, but things have certainly changed on the feeding front – Winalot biscuits and Pedigree Chum were all the rage back then, lol! Tx

    14 . May . 2015
  2. Brand Of Beauty

    That looks very cool, I will have a look at their site and have a read about it. That might be perfect for my small dog xx

    14 . May . 2015
  3. Nettie

    The cost worked out to be about £13 for my smallest dog (he’s a Jack Russell x Westie), I think that’s a great price. They seem to be loving the food and I’m very impressed with the service and packaging. You can also pause and cancel at any time (unless they have begun making up the dog food but they email you before to make sure you’re good to go ahead. I’m certainly impressed so far.
    Now I am off to look at your berry smoothie recipe, I’m considering buying the Breville Active on pay day 🙂

    14 . May . 2015
  4. Nettie

    It is really cool, I don’t know of anyone else doing it but I haven’t looked to be honest!

    14 . May . 2015
  5. Cindy

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