We Happy Few First Playthrough and Impressions

Above is the first couple of hours I spent in the world of Wellington Wells, free from joy and full of intrigue, excitement and a bag of nerves to boot. I’ve been waiting for the full release of We Happy Few ever since Compulsion Games teased us at E3 in 2016. I had the honour of being gifted a key from Evolve as soon as the early release launched in July of the same year. I played the very early release and found the survival aspect of the game to be slightly disappointing. However, Compulsion Games always made it clear that the early release was just a small portion of what was to come. That there would be a full-length story set within this alternative 1960’s town that we were given access to. I quickly decided to put the early access aside and not return until the full release came, and it finally arrived yesterday.

After updating I played We Happy Few for two hours in a live broadcast on Twitch, which you can watch above via YouTube of over on my Twitch channel. After waiting for so long, what are my first impressions?

I Don’t Need Drugs to Experience Joy

We Happy Few

I’m happy, I’m joyful without the need for pills. This is a natural joy that the residents of Wellington Wells can only dream of. I’m nowhere near finished so I can’t provide you with a full review, but I can tell you that I’m into the game, the story and I can’t wait to jump back in.  The world is beautiful and interesting (I have read the houses and streets are repetitive, but this doesn’t take away from the story). I’m currently playing as the first character, Arthur. I don’t know his full story or much of his past yet, but he seems like he has a good soul and heart, he’s searching for his brother and there’s frequent mention of his friend, Sally.

The characters in the street can turn violent in a breath (don’t steal openly and don’t walk around in a smart suit, they don’t like that). There are coppers walking around who will try to kill you at night or if you trespass. You can venture into boogie trapped homes but be prepared to defend yourself. Alternatively, you can play the game like a ninja, slinking into the background, killing only when necessary, quietly and expertly and stealing essentials you need for crafting and surviving. I cannot play stealth so combat is proving to be part and parcel of my adventure, but the choice is there.

Thank You, Compulsion Games

I am so grateful to Compulsion Games for downplaying the survival side of We Happy Few and focusing on the story instead. This is what I dreamed would happen and I feel this is a much better game for it. It’s great to have an early access game that promised so much while risking going down a road I’d dislike to pull it together to come up with a game I can get lost in. Within minutes, We Happy Few had my full attention. The script and voice acting is top-notch, it’s a pleasure it really is. I’m only 2 hours in, there’s so much more to come. It’s time to go and play.



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