Wednesday Wish List – It’s Okay to Want

I have the sewing bug!

Everyone in my house has a wish list. My daughter is currently adding to her wish list for her birthday while my partner is forever mentioning a new PS4 game or perhaps a new beer that he wants to try. I on the other hand don’t really have the opportunity to focus on the things I want but you know what, that’s going to change. I work damn hard and while I am happy to treat others, more than happy really, I would also like to give myself a treat from time to time, there’s no harm in that, is there?

Here are some of the things I am really lusting after this week:

Lovely Linen Dress - Joe Browns
Lovely Linen Dress – Joe Browns
  • The Lovely Linen Dress is just one of the many dresses I would love to find in my wardrobe this summer. I am a huge fan of the Joe Browns brand.
  • A king sized Silent Night bed. Perhaps finally the cats will allow me some leg room? Nah, I doubt it too.
  • Fabric! I have recently started to learn how to sew and I even made myself a skirt following an old pattern. I would love to stock up on as much fabric as I possibly can so I can practice in my spare time. I was lucky enough to win a vintage pattern from http://staceystitch.com/ on Twitter, so I am hoping to give that a go sometime soon. At the moment I am trawling the charity shops looking for offcuts before spending out on quality fabrics that I won’t want to use in case I ruin them.

Three things on my wish list for this week, I wonder what I shall be adding in the weeks to come…




  1. Vicky Hallnewman

    My little girl has a wish list, so far it contains everything advertised on the Disney channel! xx

    28 . May . 2014
  2. katdesigner

    That is such a cool thing to have. I can certainly think of few things to add on my list. Having a new boyfriend and him being a total sweetheart, his first two presents definitely made me impressed. It is like Christmas list all year round. 🙂

    30 . May . 2014
  3. reclusivefox

    Wow, sounds like a keeper!

    30 . May . 2014
  4. katdesigner

    I know and he is French! Extra Bonus!!!

    30 . May . 2014
  5. reclusivefox

    If I could Like that comment I would haha 🙂

    30 . May . 2014

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