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Weight Loss Mission – The Seven Pound Itch

Weight loss mission

Okay I have to admit that I am not too good at this weight loss lark. Despite weighing myself the other day and squealing with delight to see 9st 7lb on the dial I remain to this day weighing in at 10st. Yes, the 7lb I finally managed to shift returned within one day, what’s that all about?

I have half a stone left that I want to lose. A stone would be nice but I really don’t want to say goodbye to all my boobage so not sure I can risk the whole 14 pounds. The problem is I am weak, lazy and picky when it comes to food and dieting. I hate cooking but I do try to avoid processed foods as much as possible (if you don’t include those ready-made pizzas once a week). I love all things sweet, chocolates, cakes, moose, ice creams, all of these delicious goodies taste so good to me.

Getting Out and About

The one thing I feel I’m doing more of is exercise – when I say exercise I mean brisk walks up and down hills. I’m feeling far more confident getting out and about. In the past I would panic when my heart would begin beating fast or if I broke into a sweat. My healthy anxiety would go into overdrive and I’d end up freaking out, scared that I’d fall down dead or have a heart attack. It was a bit of an issue and it did stop me exercising. I have managed to get over this fear (for now at least) and I am able to stride all the way up to the top of town without my heart pounding out of my chest, most importantly I feel so much better for it. I know I’m in better shape than I was and that I’m doing something healthy for me. The problem is walking isn’t great for losing weight quickly, but at least my heart and lungs are getting a bit of a work out.

Committing to the Eradication of the Last Seven Pounds

So here I am, stuck on 10 stone and finding it hard to shift, so what am I going to do about it?

Malory Band - weight loss mission


  • Well, the first thing I’m trying is the Malory Band. I’ve been sent the Malory Band to trial but I’m going to give it four weeks before I write-up my review. Basically you wear the band around your waist 24/7. It’s acts as a psychological reminder, making sure you don’t over eat throughout the day. I’m only on day two so there’s a way to go yet.
  • Secondly I’m forcing myself to drink water. I hate water, well, obviously it would be stupid of me to hate the life-giving liquid our bodies rely on, let’s just say I dislike the taste as it travels down my throat. I do know water is good for me, it clears up the skin, cleanses the body and can help you to avoid snacking. I manage about a bottle a day of pure water at the moment (a small bottle) – not much I know but it’s more than I usually drink. I plan on drinking more each day and I hope this will help my health improve in general as well as make me feel fuller so I avoid those tempting snacks.
  • Thirdly I have to be firm with myself and stop munching on all the sweet treats I love so much. I need to be strong; I just hope the Malory Band tightening around my waist will help me to steer clear of these naughty but nice foods.

Will my weight loss mission ever be achieved? Do you have any advice to share? Are you a sweet toothed yet fit and finely toned individual who can inspire me and help point me in the right direction? If so please leave comments below and let’s get rid of this last seven pounds once and for all.




  1. Amy

    Water is so good for you, I try to drink as much as I can. It’s anti-cellulite, hydrating and it clears your skin. Great post! xx

    23 . Jul . 2014
  2. Nettie

    Anything anti-cellulite is good in my books. I really must try to fall in love with the old H20!

    23 . Jul . 2014
  3. Kate @ Family Fever

    The Malory band sounds interesting, look forward to seeing if that works! I need to drink more water, I know I don’t drink nearly enough.

    23 . Jul . 2014
  4. Zena's Suitcase

    You have done amazingly getting this far. I’ll definitely look forward to your post on the band too see how you get on. I’ve just blogged some tips that might just help you with those final pound, would love to hear what you think

    24 . Jul . 2014
  5. Nettie

    Will pop over now and take a look 🙂 Thank you 🙂

    24 . Jul . 2014

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