We’re Making Our Own Beer with Brewbarrel!

Brew Barrel Review

Today G and I did something together for the first time…We made some beer! The lovely folks at Brewbarrel were kind enough to send us one of their brewing kits so we’d be able to share our experience with you, it’s a hard life. Check out the video below to see what’s in the kit and how we got on making beer!

If you don’t want to watch the video, here’s how we got on.

First off, the kit is a great size; you make 5 litres of beer, so roughly 8 pints. It’s a great size as it will fit in the fridge and it won’t be in the way as it sits on the side and ferments for the first five days.  We were sent the IPA, which costs £30, but if you visit the website you’ll find loads of different beers to choose from and you can even customise your own, great if you fancy doing a bit of personalisation.

Brew Barrel Review

As for the actual process of making the beer, well, it would have taken us 10 minutes if we didn’t struggle with the child proof lids on the hops and if the instructions had told us to twist and push the valve into the keg.  So if you do order a kit, please remember TWIST and PUSH! You’ll save your thumbs and save about 10 minutes of your time.

It was funny, we had a few laughs during the process and we would do it again, even with the few struggles we had. There’s certainly a sense of accomplishment at the end of it and G is really looking forward to tasting his first home-made brew in a weeks’ time. We’ll make a tasting video so you can see what we think of the flavour.

We’ve thought about making beer in the past, but we found the kits and all the equipment a bit too intimidating, and we were worried about space. This kit does away with all that and makes brewing beer easy. If you have a beer drinker in the family this would make a great gift for him or her. It’s also perfect for small gatherings with friends or simply for enjoying a few pints over the festive period.


The Taste Test!

Brewbarrel Review

Not going to lie, we were a little worried about how the IPA would taste, but there really was no need. The taste was good and very surprising. G went as far to say it’s one of the nicest IPA’s he has ever tasted and now he really wants to get his hands on the other kits to try all the different beers. I was so pleased that he liked it and we can honestly recommend this as a great gift for anyone who loves their beer. Worth every penny.

We were sent the kit to review in return for sharing our opinions. 




  1. Milly Y

    Oh this is super cool! 🙂 I love me a nice pint, and brewing my own would be amazing. In fact, I might get one for my boyfriend for Christmas as he’d love to have a go too – looking forward to hearing what you think to the taste as well!

    03 . Nov . 2015
  2. Melody

    Oh how cool is that! The process (like yours?) sounds fun. lol But, seriously…this is such a nice addition for Christmas. 🙂 xx

    04 . Nov . 2015

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