What Happened When I Went Vegetarian for a Week

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I eat meat. I know a lot of people out there think eating meat makes me a bad person. I sometimes feel guilty for eating meat too, which is I have thought about becoming a vegetarian. The problem is I’m such a picky eater (who doesn’t eat a particularly healthy or balance diet) so  I worry about what I would actually consume instead.

A few weeks ago G and I discussed trying to go vegan for a week. We have vegan friends and we wanted to see what it was like. We also wondered if it would make us feel healthier. After our discussion, we both decided it was a step too far for us, but a couple of weeks later Fry’s Family got in touch to see if we would like to go vegetarian for a week. We decided to give it a go.

Immediate Concerns About Being Vegetarian

Honestly, I was nervous about our meals. I had a few concerns – aren’t these alternatives just more processed meals? Would they taste nice? What am I going to cook with them? Fry’s Family sent me through the following frozen packs of their products and some of my fears were immediately put to rest.

  • Banger Style Traditional sausages (vegan, high source of protein & fibre)
  • Rice protein and chia nuggets (vegan, high source of protein, fibre and iron)
  • Quinoa and Fresh Cilantro Falafel Burgers (vegan, high source of protein, iron and fibre)
  • Chicken Style Strips (vegan, high source of protein and fibre)
  • Rice Protein and Chia Stir Fry Strips (vegan, high source of protein, fibre and iron)
  • Schnitzels Made with Soy & Flaxseed (vegan, high source of protein, fibre, vitamin B12 and iron)
  • Country Mushroom Pies (vegan)

These were basically replacements to the meat products I would usually buy. Cooking up meals would be easy as there wouldn’t be any difficult recipes to follow or any major changes in my cooking routine. I didn’t get all the answers I was looking for, but I was certainly surprised by a few things.

  1. The vegetarian sausages were absolutely delicious and we all agreed. We will definitely work these into our diet from now on as they are full of fibre and have less fat.
  2. The rice protein and chia nuggets I took as being alternatives to chicken nuggets, and they were good. My daughter was a huge fan (she loves chicken nuggets) and both G and I found them very tasty. They don’t really pretend to be chicken but they’re full of flavour, you can really taste the mustard and even though I actually hate mustard they are still very enjoyable. The chicken strips and stir fry strips are also palatable.
  3. Falafel burgers are not for us. I had high hopes for these as we all love burgers and it was an easy meal – burgers, rolls, salad and homemade wedges. But the burgers really didn’t taste good, they left us completely unsatisfied. Perhaps we just love our cheese beef burgers too much to make this jump.
  4. All of the alternatives were easy and fast to prepare.
  5. It feels good to know we ate less saturated fats and more fibre and many of the products were also rich in iron and protein.
  6. I still don’t like mushrooms and I never will.

Fry's Family Vegetarian

Veggie Week Complete

I can’t say we noticed any difference health wise but I guess we wouldn’t after just a week. I also still don’t know if it counts as processed food, something I would like to get away from but I am far too lazy in the kitchen to do so 100% of the time.

We would certainly eat some of the vegetarian foods again and I have decided to have one vegetarian meal per week from now on, perhaps even two. Am I prepared to go all out veggie? No, but I never was and that was not my intention, but one or two veggie meals per week will hopefully do us some good.



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