What’s G Up To?

The Real Gzone

If you’re a long-time reader of my blog you’ll already be aware of my boyfriend, G. He’s helped me with reviews on Reclusive Fox and is my occasional photographer. We’ve been to events together and he has supported me so much with my own blogging. Now it’s his turn. He has finally (after years of us talking about it) started up his YouTube channel and is working on getting his own blog up and running too.

The Real Gzone Set Up


We used to blog together when we ran Positive Game Reviews back on 2011-13, but now it’s his time to get back into the swing of things, so I wanted to give him a shout out and point any of my interested readers over to his new gaming channel.

The Real Gzone is where you’ll find all his latest gameplay and collab videos where he plays various titles on the PS4 and XboxOne and will perhaps in the future dig out some titles on the Wii U too. Please, go and watch a few of his videos and see what you think and subscribe if you enjoy his content.

We’ve both got more things coming in the pipeline, this is just the beginning, so keep your eyes peeled and check in from time to time for our latest updates.



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