What’s in Your Glossybox?

What's the deal with Subscription Beauty Boxes

I’ve been interesting in the concept of subscription beauty boxes for months but I was unsure if the expense was actually worth it. I love beauty products but I’ve never really been a ‘girlie-girl’ so I figured the money was probably better spent on products I actually wanted. Recently my intrigue has been heightened, especially after my boyfriend decided to subscribe to The Geek Box (review coming as soon as we receive the first box).

I began exploring the options but found myself torn between Birchbox and Glossybox. I reached out to my fellow bloggers and asked which, if any, they would recommend to a noobie like me. Here’s some of the responses I was given:

“I’ve had both Birchbox and Glossybox. GB was my first and I loved it to begin with when it first launched but after a few months, samples became smaller and brands were cheap – it just wasn’t worth the money. After a break from them I signed up to Birchbox which I loved. Brands were more high end and more full size stuff. Less repeated products too – the only reason I cancelled was my own lack of funds. I also recommend things like the Latest in Beauty Box which isn’t exactly the same but still a great beauty box” Amy from Haus of Amy.

“I read a lot of reviews before I bought my first beauty box and people just never seem delighted enough with BB or GB. I don’t want to waste my money if I’m not likely to be delighted. Now I buy the Korean Memeboxes and have never been disappointed. Products are interesting and box value is huge. The only down side is you generally have to wait a long time for delivery” Joanne from Joanne Mallon.

“I adore Glossybox because it lets me try gorgeous products i haven’t tried before, All my boxes have been amazing, Glossybox caters to their customers needs by sending you products according to what you have filled out on your Beauty Profile. I love Glossybox so much” Sophie from Sophie Plus Size Wonderland.

I decided to research further on the Facebook walls of both Glossybox and Birchbox and continue looking at reviews. There seemed to be people who were happy and other’s who were disappointed – and I guess that’s just the risk of these subscription boxes that you can’t really escape. When you don’t know what you’re getting and when not all the boxes contain the same items you’re going to have people who are disappointed.

In the end it was the Facebook wall responses that swayed my decision. The June Birchbox was World Cup themed (something I can honestly say I’m not interested in) and a lot of people complained about what they received. With my mind made up I went ahead and ordered my first ever Glossybox (read my review here).

It’s taken me months to come to this decision. I wonder how many other people are interested yet too unsure to take the dive into the world of subscription boxes? Have you tried them? What did you think?






  1. Julie

    I currently get glossybox and love me beauty box, I prefer love me beauty but do like glossy box for the surprise x

    17 . Jun . 2014
  2. Louise

    I always buy the Latest in Beauty Glamour Beauty Editor boxes as they usually have amazing products in. And I loved the Wantable Box I got for review a while back. I don’t think I would ever buy a full subscription though as I would definitely get bored if they started to get repetitive!

    Louise x

    17 . Jun . 2014
  3. Charlotte Steggz

    I used to be with GlossyBox but after 3 or 4 boxes in a row of really uninteresting products, I gave up. I think all those companies just got a bit cocky for their own good since they were so popular.

    17 . Jun . 2014
  4. Joanne Mallon (@joannemallon)

    Thanks so much for linking to my blog. I have bought a few other beauty boxes and have generally had good results, as long as I research them carefully. With Memeboxes I tend to stick to their $23 Global Boxes as they seem to be a sure thing, whereas the more expensive Superboxes seem to be a bit more hit and miss. They are addictive though – I’ve bought about 8 boxes so far, all due to arrive in the next couple of months. Won’t need to buy any more skincare for a long, long time.

    18 . Jun . 2014

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