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What’s in My Mans Bag?

Man's Bag

G took Elle to London and his home town Essex for a few days earlier this week. Although I am making progress with my anxiety, trips to London are still slightly beyond me right now so I’m extremely grateful to have a boyfriend and a daughter who get along and enjoy each others company. Elle has always wanted to go to London and as G’s folks live in Essex it seemed like the perfect time for a big city adventure.

During the two days away they went to see Hyde Park, The Tower of London and had a day in Southend at Adventure Island. Elle kicked G’s butt on pinball, scoring over 100K on her first go, she’s a natural! Below is short slideshow of some of their touristy shots taken with the HTC One M8.

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A Sneak Peak Inside G’s Bag

Elle’s bag weighed a tonne, mostly down to all her beauty products – she’s obsessed with potions and lotions just like me (she’s probably worse than I am in all honesty). G’s bag on the other hand was much more lightweight so I thought it would be good to sneak a peek inside and here’s what I discovered:

  • A couple of t-shirts, a pair of Goodsouls shorts, socks and boxers – the bare minimum
  • David Beckham…no, not the real David Beckham obviously just the David Beckham Homme Deodorant spray and Urban Homme Eau de Toilette. These are both recent purchases after G ran out of Diesel Only the Brave a couple of weeks back. I managed to pick up the Urban Homme for only £5 at our local Lloyds pharmacy last week! It’s worth looking in yours to see if you can find the same deal. It’s got a great scent that reminds me a little of Cool Water for Men (at least it does in my memory, not sure if it actually does!).
  • The Body Shop Absinthe Purifying Hand Gel.  G is a bit obsessive when it comes to cleanliness so Elle and I treated him to this when we were boring the hell out of him in one of our many trips to The Body Shop. He loves the smell and it helps his slight OCD to be able to squirt a little on his hands to give them a clean and remove all the germs. I happen to think a few germs is a good thing!
  • The Philips Series 9000 razor was a win of mine earlier in the week. He didn’t use it though as he wanted to let his beard grow a little while he wasn’t at work. We’ll do a review of this once it’s had a good working out.

nuxe Dry Oil

  • Nuxe Huile Produgieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil. We were sent this dry oil and G has been using it daily for about two or three weeks now. I didn’t think he’d be a fan so I was surprised to find it lurking in his rucksack. The dry oil can be used on the hair, face and skin and G rubs in a small amount just before heading out. The oil isn’t greasy and it does leave the skin soft and adds a subtle hint of a shine to his hair, adding definition. It also has a very sexy manly smell to it which is a plus point for me! You don’t need much at all, as I said he’s used it daily and the bottle looks as if it’s never been opened. He’s only really using it on his face, neck and hair though, not on his whole body. The dry oil contains loads of plant goodness including borage, St Johnswort, sweet almond, camellia, hazelnut and macadamia and retails at £17 for 50ml.
  • Gadgets – The rest of his bag was simply filled with gadgets – everything from the iPod Touch and camcorder to his PS Vita, Kindle Fire HDX and Elle’s iPad and chargers.

What can’t your man travel without at the moment?

We were sent the Nuxe Dry Oil but the opinions are our own



  1. georgina davies

    looks like they had a great time, every mans bag is always full of gadgets lol xx

    07 . Aug . 2014
  2. Nin

    Looks like they had fun! I love London but suffer from severe anxiety and claustrophobia, too. I couldn’t handle it when I was younger but I’ve been once this year and even handled the tube.

    My other half’s bag is always chock full of gadgets! God knows why he apparently still needs more! Haha x

    07 . Aug . 2014
  3. Nettie

    Haha! Well I have to be honest if I went my bag would be packed of gadgets too lol. Well done on coping with the tube! It’s something I must try to do one day but for now going to the pub is challenge enough 🙂

    07 . Aug . 2014

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