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Is it Worth Vlogging on YouTube?




I’m deliberating vlogging. Some of you may know that I did my first Vlogmas at the end of last year. It was an experience that I really enjoyed and it taught me a lot about what’s involved and what I could get out of the whole process of sharing slices of my life with my audience. My problem is that Reclusive Fox is now more focused on gaming and I share that side of things through streaming. With my vlogs, I want to talk about current things going on in my life that aren’t really gaming orientated. Which is why I’m having a dilemma. My YouTube channel is really for gaming videos, streaming and the odd review thrown in as and when. I don’t feel a large majority of my audience will really care about my vlogs. Therefore I’m considering starting a second YouTube channel for my vlogs. A new channel would sort out the main issue of delivering my content to the right audience, but there’s another thing to consider, the health of YouTube.

Is YouTube Worth the Investment of Time and Creativity?

Many vloggers are losing faith in YouTube and the way it treats them as creators. They don’t feel valued or looked after, especially after all the recent issues with subscribers, notifications and click bait. As users of YouTube, we don’t like click bait, but unfortunately many users still click on these videos and therefore they are given all the attention from YouTube and their algorithms. This is an issue that does need to be sorted out.

Many of the large YouTubers I follow also hate this trend but I’ve noticed many are still using the tactic simply to maintain their viewing figures and the health of their channel. It’s a catch 22 and something needs to be done to stop it. We, as viewers need to stop clicking (sadly even not clicking on our favourite creators who we love to watch and want to support) and the content creators need to ignore the pull. Perhaps YouTube will then listen and make the required algorithm changes that will help the health of YouTube for everyone involved.

Vlogging for Myself

I have thought about not vlogging, but I have two main reasons for wanting to do so. The main reason is because it’s an excellent way of motivating myself. If I have to make a vlog that means I have to do more than simply working and playing games – something that’s important for my life goals. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to game, in fact, I want to game more. I want to stream again and more frequently and complete a lot more games this year. However, I am fast approaching the age of 40 and I really have to sort out this ‘being an adult’ malarky. I want to be in the best shape ever, I want to be healthy and I really need to sort out my finances, which quite honestly are dire right now.

The second reason for wanting the vlog is to expand on my creative side. Video creation and editing is something I do enjoy but I have so many skills that I need to learn. I get a buzz from learning new skills and I think it’s important to always learn new things and add new branches to your skill tree.

Satisfying My Audience

I do have different audiences so I feel I can give something to everyone by streaming and by vlogging. I also think that I can’t be the only 39-year-old mum who is in this position and perhaps together we can pull ourselves up to be the best we can be, without giving up on the things we really enjoy in life (essentially gaming in my case).

You can basically split my audience into three. I have the males, generally aged between 18 and 34 according to my analytics. Then I have the younger females (who I love seeing in streams), who are looking for female gaming role models that don’t make too much use of their wonderful cleavages and bouncy boobs (please note, if that’s what you do as a streamer then more power to you. It’s your choice and I have nothing against you, it’s just not me and it’s not what would have appealed to me as a young girl or woman).  Finally, I have the adult females who combine work, motherhood and still love to have a good gaming session as often as physically possible.

I’m able to use this blog for all of the above. Although my blog would be more powerful by focusing on a single niche, I do believe that I as a person don’t have a single niche in life and therefore it’s okay for my vlog to diversify. The Reclusive Fox YouTube channel should focus on the gaming and review side of things. The audience overthere is primarily males and I don’t think talking about my health and financial goals will interest them in the slightest.  This is why I feel that if I bite the bullet and go into vlogging I will need to create a new channel.

There’s my dilemma in all its glory. This is what’s been going on in my brain since about half way through December. Writing it all down tells you where I’m at and it’s also helped me get things sorted out in my brain. Essentially, the new vlogging channel is to encourage me to make changes where they’re needed in my life. That’s why it’s probably something I need to do. Perhaps it’s sad that I need a vlog to get things done, but that’s where I’m at I’m afraid.

Should I just go for it? Should I just ignore this itch and go it alone? I’m still deliberating but I guess today I’m closer to actually getting out the camera and start working on myself, getting to know likeminded people and growing together.

Finally, if you’re a vlogger (new or old) please Tweet @ReclusiveFox with your channel. I absolutely love watching vlogs and getting to know people.



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