Animal Crossing: New Horizons E3 Trailer and Screenshots

Sat watching the Nintendo E3 showcase I was beginning to think that Animal Crossing wasn’t going to be mentioned. I kept checking Twitter and saw others were feeling the same. The light inside of me was dying, and then all of a sudden, there it was. Animal Crossing: New Horizons brightened my screen and my day and I’m not going to exaggerate, a small tear of joy formed in my right eye.

Animal Crossing is one of my favourite games of all time. It’s a game that brings me instant joy, it relieves my stress and makes me smile like no other game.  Watching the trailer, I fell instantly in love once more. Unlike titles of the past, you arrive on a deserted Island via what sounds like a plane (will Rover be on the plane too?). Tom Nook has expanded his business to include the Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package. You’re not inheriting a job title and a town that already has features in place, you’re starting from scratch!

Animal Crossing New Horizon

Changes on the Horizon

There have been quite a few changes to the game, all of which look great. The menus look so different and user-friendly but besides that, we’ll be treated to:

  • A new crafting feature (that reminds me of what we have currently in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on mobile). You collect building recipes and have to gather all the materials you need to craft each ‘recipe’. Not sure if that means Reese and Cyrus will be steering clear of the Island.
  • The home and character customisation look like we’ll have more choice. One of the most exciting new features is being able to put furniture down outside! I am wondering if we can still drop in the same way we can on New Leaf, with just an icon. This is something I do frequently when I can’t be bothered to go to my storage and my pockets are full.
  • Lots of activities to get stuck into including gardening, fishing, crafting, decoration and more. There are all the interactions you’ll be having with the NPCs, who make the game.
  • Local and online multiplayer. This is the feature that I am most excited about. With New Leaf, both G and played for an entire year, daily. We would visit each other but with New Horizons we’ll be able to play together properly. You can have houses on other people’s islands, craft, and play. This does mean I need to save up for my own Switch, but you can play on the same console too.

Animal Crossing New Horizon Animal Crossing New Horizon Animal Crossing New Horizon Animal Crossing New Horizon

 The release date is 20 March 2020. We were originally told 2019 so the release date did sadden me for a second. But I’d rather wait and have the perfect game than have it rushed to market. It also gives me time to get some funds saved. I’m still waiting to hear about the budget Switch and Pro version that was teased earlier this year. Hopefully, the prices will be affordable.

Animal Crossing New Horizon Animal Crossing New Horizon Animal Crossing New Horizon Animal Crossing New Horizon

Are you excited for Animal Crossing: New Horizons? If you’ve always written off Animal Crossing I advise you to give it a go. They are all great games (ignoring Amiibo Festival and Home Designer). Pick up a copy of New Leaf or go old school with the original and expose yourself to purely enjoyable gameplay. You can also try Pocket Camp on Android and iOS, which is like a mini version of the game.

I’ll be streaming Animal Crossing as soon as I get my hands on it. Expect Daily broadcasts from March 20, 2020!



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