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I love gaming! I started gaming in my early teens (we’re talking 1991-ish here). Initiall,  I didn’t like it too much and then I found the SNES and SimCity. Then came the 2 years of my life that I call the Mario Kart years and the rest is history. Here you’ll find news, reviews, my thoughts and perhaps even my dreams. You can call me what you want, a gamer girl, gamer lady, gamer mum, gamer mom, but all I am is a gamer. I’ll never grow out of it, I’ll never give it up. It is beneficial for mental health reasons and I adore it.

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Square Enix Games at EGX 2018


Square Enix is likely to have very busy queues at this years’ EGX. The booth is going to be buzzing with gamers young and old…