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Celebrating As #giffgaffgamers Do

We have had a lot to celebrate over the last couple of months. I got a new job and passed my supervisor training. My daughter got into the university she wanted and has started off her first year well. My daughter and her boyfriend also got a mortgage and are (still) waiting to close on the apartment they put an offer on at the end of June. We’ve been holding off celebrating, waiting for the contracts to be signed, but as it’s taking so long, we thought there’s no time like the present.

Last week we turned off the PC’s and the consoles and switched things up with the lovely #giffgaffgamers kit that we received a few weeks ago. Inside the box was everything you need for a great night with friends and family to celebrate something special, or just to spend some quality time together.

As you can see we were sent a whole host of goodies including a Just Eat voucher, giffgaff sim cards with credit pre-installed and a few fun extras including Amazon Echo, Anker charger, a not so good cheaper version of the CamPark Act76, a note book for keeping score, stickers, a bag and a trophy for the #giffgaffgamers winner.

We then received 3 games from Big Potato Games. We’re PC and console gamers through and through, but the card games were a refreshing change and we’re already excited for the next gaming session we have planned.

Great Food, Even Better Company

We came together, ate great food from our favourite resturant using the Just Eat app. If you’re ever in Worcestershire I highly recommend Flutes, a local Indian restaurant that serves incredible food. We talked about university but mainly about the never-ending apartment buying journey they’re on.

As we ate, they shared their plans, their goals and discussed their upcoming holiday to Krakow early next year. Seriously, these guys have so much to look forward to and although it’s hard to let go, I can’t tell you how satisfying and happy it makes me to see her not only planning and working for her future, but also living for the now. 

After food and catch ups we cracked open the games. We were sent Bucket of Doom, Obama Llama 2 and Weird Things Humans Search For. The game we loved was Wierd Things Humans Search For. The aim is to guess the most popular search term from a list of the genuine real searches that take place online. I was the ‘search master’ reading off the start of the search and everyone else had to write down two answers, their top answer and a bonus answer that can give more points.

We did film that night on the CamPark camera but sadly the quality was terrible and not worth uploading to YouTube. Not a great camera for us, but perhaps a good pick up if you have young children keen to get into film making.

Weird Things Humans Search For is short, funny and interesting too. I highly recommend picking it up and playing it with your mates or family (age 14 and up). It starts amusing conversations and just an instant classic that will be enjoyed on many more nights in the future. We may even stream a few games over on Twitch, so keep an eye out for that. 

The Winner Takes It All

My daughter won the #giffgaffgamers trophy after a very tense tie breaker, but they were all winners as each managed to take a round.

Thank you to giffgaff for giving us a fantastic excuse for a night together. We’re truly blessed, we laughed, there was a bit of banter, and we all smiled. A great night to add to the happy memory bucket.

If you’re looking to free yourself from expensive and limited contracts giffgaff have a lot to offer. You can pick up a free sim card, here and there are sim only plans available that give you loads of data, texts and calls for really good value. 



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