Hiya! My name is Reclusive Fox, aka Nettie. I’m a British woman living in the small town that I grew up in. I’m a mother, writer, social media manager and a gamer. I was inspired to start Reclusive Fox after fighting social anxiety and agoraphobia for over 20 years of my life. With dedication and a whole lot of ongoing effort, I retrained my brain and life is better than ever.  I now focus on sharing my passions in life and I try to reach out to others who may have similar mental health issues and try to help them to find their way out from under the blanket.

Positivity and focusing on the things that put a smile on my face and my dreams is what pushes me onwards and upwards. My daughter is by far my best achievement in life and I love being a parent to such an amazing young woman. We share clothes and makeup, we laugh and share thoughts and ideas.  Gaming has been a constant source of fun, pleasure and mental stimulation since I was in my teens and it’s a hobby that I share with my daughter and my boyfriend, The Real Gzone, aka G.

G & I once owned a small but highly successful gaming website called Positive Game Reviews. We had the great pleasure of working with some incredible brands such as Sony, Activision, Xbox, Deep Silver, Playstation, Vodaphone and more. We closed down our site in 2013 due to work pressures. We each collaborate here on Reclusive Fox and G has his own YouTube Channel where you can find gaming videos and vlogs.

Gaming isn’t my only passion. I love gorgeous interiors, gadgets that make life sweeter, cute clothes and quality make up. I am trying to become healthier and fitter, which is an ongoing mission that I’ve only just begun. I let my hair down to rock, be it glam or prog. I enjoy a great book, putting my feet up and binge watching TV shows in bed.

My goal is to help people focus on the good and the great things in life that many of us take for granted. It’s to remind people of their passions by sharing my own. I want to build a community of positive gamers, male and female and let other gaming mums know that they are not alone!

Supporting Cast

The Real Gzone – My boyfriend G helps me in a variety of ways, taking photos, providing opinions and is available for reviews too! G is 26 and 100% addicted to gaming and loves gadgets as much as I do (we do compete when it comes to our gadgets!). Go check out his channel, here.

L – L is my daughter. She’s into beauty, gaming, shopping and gadgets, much like all teenagers (and us grown-ups too!).

Moss & Midna – Moss is our indoor cat, he’s two and a handsome devil. Midna has been around for longer, she’s 7 and there’s no chance in hell I’m able to keep her indoors! They help me with reviews and keep me sane. What is a home without a cat? I never want to find out.

Floyd & Booker – Floyd is an 12 year old Border Collie with old joints and a flea allergy. Booker is a Westie x Jack Russell who has just turned three. He’s boisterous, stubborn and a total pain in the butt but beyond all that he’s totally lovable too.


Reclusivefox.com is primarily a lifestyle blog. The main purpose of the website is to promote positive energy into my readers. The aim is to provide entertainment, information and to inspire everyone to let go of negative energy and work towards a brighter future with confidence and determination. Regular topics on Reclusivefox.com include: self-love, alternative remedies, gaming, entertainment, gadgets, style, beauty, relationships and panic disorders.

The publisher is not a medical professional and is unable to help you with any assistance regarding medical, legal issues or financial services. Please contact a professional if you require help.

The publisher uses her own experiences and thought processes to inform the audience and will not be held responsible or liable for any information contained on Reclusivefox.com. The information is to be used as a guide and while the publisher endeavours for the content to be error free, it cannot be guaranteed.


Reclusivefox.com accepts cash compensated sponsored posts, samples and products for reviews and promotions, and occasional affiliate links. All posts that include any form of cash advertising as mentioned will be clearly labelled as such. As the author of all the content on Reclusive Fox the publisher will give fair and honest opinions and feedback regardless of compensation provided by advertisers. All queries and issues with any products or brands need to be raised with the manufacturers or retailers.

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