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What Exactly Are You Feeding Your Pets?

My old boy, Floyd.

I want to draw your attention to something that I feel quite strongly about, pet food. Yes, pet food! You see, for years and years my animals ate the generic brands that we all recognised, the ones that litter the shelves of our local supermarkets and corner shops. I believed that the quality of this food was good and that it would be providing suitable nutrition for my animals, and I am guessing that my parents felt the same way.

Unfortunately that’s not the case. Many of the pet food brands that I trusted actually have been feeding my dogs and cats junk for my entire life. That is at least up to a year ago when I began working for a client of mine, a popular pet superstore. While doing some research for a blog I came across loads of articles written about some of the major food brands and the lack of nutrition that was found in the dry and wet foods they sold. As I read on I discovered something that really hit a massive nerve. Some of these foods and the rubbish they contain can be linked to major health problems, such as seizures in dogs. My oldest dog, Floyd, has seizures and I do worry that it’s all my fault. Perhaps if I had been educated sooner I could have fed him a healthier diet and he wouldn’t have his health issues. He also has problems with allergies and dry skin, which can also be associated to bad diets.

Since reading those worrying articles I’ve changed the way I feed my dogs. I avoid grains and look for foods that are as natural as can be, with no artificial colourings or flavourings added. I don’t always stick to the same brand as I do go for offers, but I don’t give my dogs or my cats the equivalent of our junk food. You can’t always trust what the labels say either, it’s important to find out what type of meat is used and how much meat there is too – it could contain just 4% and the rest made up of cereals and grains – not good for our furry friends!

Pet Food Labelling

I was asked to share this infographic with you, which highlights the worrying truth behind the labels. As this is something I truly care about I am only more happy to do so. There’s also a quiz you can take over on the Applaus Facebook page that is worth completing to see how well you know your cat or dog (or both!).


I hope this will help open the eyes of pet owners, like myself, who buy into the advertising and branding without really considering what is actually being fed to their animals.




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