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Floral Print Kaftan – Blue Vanilla

Blue Vanilla Kaftan Review

Last week I wrote all about prints for Bonmarche. In that post I recognised the fact that I’ve never really worn many prints, certainly not ones that many people would call ‘pretty’. I don’t know if that’s because I’m a little afraid of mixing things up or if it’s just my personal taste. The prints I do rarely wear, or at least the ones that appeal to me most of all, tend to be rather gothic in design. After making this discovery about myself I decided it was about time I explored the world of prints and started experimenting. So I was delighted when etailPR and Blue Vanilla sent me the rather splendid Sian Black Floral Print Kaftan to feature on the blog.

Blue Vanilla Kaftan Review

The kaftan is beautiful, so comfortable to wear and versatile. As the sun was hiding from me, I’ve worn it with jeans & leggings as you can see in the pics, but you’ll find it sitting in the Blue Vanilla beach shop. It’s going to be perfect to wear over my swimming costume (I have a gorgeous one by David Swimwear to feature as soon as the weather heats up). Throw it over shorts, bikinis, hell even your best knickers if you want, you’ll look gorgeous!

Blue Vanilla Kaftan Review

I love the fact that the chiffon kaftan is fully lined – the wind can blow and I don’t have to worry about my belly or boobs being exposed, but it’s not tight at all, it’s very loose and comfortable.  The holes for your arms are perfectly placed and you can even slip your arms back in if you’re feeling a little chilly (useful for when days turn into nights on the beach or down at the bar).

Blue Vanilla Kaftan Review

The kaftan is an absolute bargain at only £20 too. That’s what I really love about Blue Vanilla, they have really affordable clothes that don’t fall to pieces after a few washes. Good job guys! This is my first kaftan (I don’t think it will be my last) and my first piece of everyday clothing featuring a bold floral print and I admit, I’m loving it.

Will you be investing in a kaftan for the summer?




  1. fashion-mommy

    I love this – it is so pretty and such a great bargain price too.


    24 . Apr . 2015
  2. nicol

    lovely kaftan! i want to start wearing more floral designs but I’m too into my comfort zone lol

    24 . Apr . 2015

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