Gaming Room Wish List


If you follow either me or @TheRealGzone on Twitter, you’ll know that we finally finished the gaming room/office last week. It’s looking amazing, especially with the beautiful DX Racer chair that has replaced our old hideous and sinking office chair.  We have a new blind, 4 new shelves and a sexy splash of grey on the walls. While it’s better than it ever has been, there are still a few bits and pieces we’d like to finish it off.

Bluetooth Speakers

Our old speakers have bitten the dust. I have Alexa and she is the perfect virtual assistant and is a great speaker but I don’t like moving her around the house all the time. I would really love this Panasonic waterproof Bluetooth speaker so I sync it with Alexa and play my music in the gaming room but also in the bathroom, outside, in the kitchen and so on.

A Comfortable Stool

Our gaming room is tiny; it doesn’t even have enough space for a single bed. G and I really want to do some streams and videos together and that means we could do with a little stool that will fit in the space and allow us to both be in the shot.

Ring Light

A ring light would be perfect for our videos. They’re not too expensive (at least the ones we’re looking at aren’t). In addition to the ring light, we would need the stand and the attachment for our camera. We’ll be using it for vlogs, videos and streaming, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

Poster Frames

We have so many posters that we’ve been gifted,  bought or picked up at events. Unfortunately, each and every one of them is still rolled up and stashed all around the house. We want to get two A4 frames up on the wall in the office and rotate the posters every few months. If we had space we’d get them all up on the walls, but that’s just not possible.

New Microphone

We currently have a Blue Mic. It gets good reviews but G has noticed that it’s been cracking up a bit of late – it’s not even a year old yet. We also really could do with a mic stand and the Blue Snowball Mic isn’t compatible with most of them. The Yeti is appealing and I think that will be what we buy when the time comes.

So those are a few of the items on our wishlist right now. I’ve left out the second PC, vlogging camera, gorilla tripod as that would just be getting greedy, don’t you?


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