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Garden Paws – RPG Game That Stole My Heart

Garden Paws Review

I’ve been playing a few different games lately after taking a break from streaming Black Desert Online. Garden Paws is one of my favourite new discoveries and I feel it’s worth writing about and sharing with you. I’ve streamed Garden Paws once and I’m about to put in plenty more streaming hours now that I’ve almost finished rebranding my Twitch channel and creating a second channel on Mixer – news on that in a later post. Last night I discovered Twitch is integrated into the game so I can’t wait to get back on it.

Chill Out, Have Fun

Garden paws is a totally chilled out gaming experience from Bitten Toast Games. This is a role-playing game that gives you the freedom to play as you wish. You start off by deciding what animal you want, your skin design, eyes, and facial expression. The choices you have are unbelievably cute. The good news is the skin and face you choose are not yours for life, you can change at will and you even find new skins and accessories as you play.  When I say cute I truly mean it, you can be anything from a fox to a dragon and just you wait to see all the lil’ folk in town, honestly, it will warm even the coldest of hearts.

You’re given the responsibility of looking after a farm that belongs to your grandparents. They have gone off on a worldly adventure and I guess they just don’t fancy being tied down anymore. So it’s over to you. You can earn money by opening your own shop and get to know the locals to improve not only your farm but also the town.

How You Earn is Up to You

Garden Paws Review

Earning money is easy as there are so many options you have. You could concentrate on farming and selling your crops. You could spend time investigating caves and selling your discoveries. You could collect materials and craft items to sell. Chicken poo can even be sold if you’re in a pinch.

On top of making money and sorting out the farm and the town, you will find quests to do for the townsfolk. You can honestly lose hours into Garden Paws and feel like minutes have passed. It’s a fun time with plenty to do in a warm, fun and friendly environment. If you’re stressed it’s the perfect escape, if you have kids it’s a great game for them too. All ages will appreciate spending time exploring and experimenting.

Garden Paws Came to Life Thanks to Kickstarter

Garden Paws Review

Garden Paws is the brainchild of Daniel Snd and Kristina Vendale. They came up with a simulation game after putting their heads together and pulling together all the parts of simulation games that they love into one beautiful game. After a few alpha tests, a Kickstarter campaign was created, which received positive feedback and raised C$57,048. Fast forward to today and Garden Paws is now in early access on Steam and hopefully coming to consoles one day too.

The developers are friendly and approachable, and they love the community as they too are gamers just like us. They have an active Discord group and you can find them live chatting on Twitch, providing details of new patches and updates and upcoming plans. They are so down to earth and I wish that more developers took this approach as it makes you feel more involved and committed to the game.

I highly recommend treating yourself or your kids to Garden Paws, especially fans of simulation games such as Animal Crossing, My Time at Portia, even Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Bitten Toast Games release updates each month and the game keeps getting better and better.




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