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Goodbye 2017

Another year is almost over. They continue to flash before my eyes, a whole 12 months gone in what feels like a few weeks. It’s frightening. I have heard that time slows down when you’re a lot older, but at the moment I don’t believe that’s true. 2017 has been a good year, but one that has been marred by injury thanks to the tearing of my calf muscle and most recently my stomach muscle. Seriously need to eat more protein I feel! My biggest achievement has to be stopping smoking back in February. Initially, I had the crutch of a vape but I put stop to that regularly very quickly and permanently since my birthday weekend in June. I smell things, which I have to say is a bit of a negative when it comes to muck spreading and boyfriend beer farts.

My daughter continues to impress and amaze me with equal measure. In 6 months she’ll officially be an adult, I guess you could call her the achievement of my life. A’levels are approaching and the University application needs to be in. She’s not sure if she wants to go but there’s no harm in applying and saying no at a later date. My daughter is an incredible young lady who could take on the world if she was inclined to do so. I know that she has a great heart and head on her shoulders. It saddens me that she doesn’t really know her own worth, but I feel many teenagers don’t. Gaining self-esteem and self-confidence isn’t easy, especially when my tips and suggestions are considered to be ‘lame’. I keep giving her positive messages and I hope that as years go by she will eventually see them in a different light – much like I see some of my own mother’s teachings.

G and I are approaching our 8 year anniversary in January. The time has flown and we have both changed a lot in those weeks, months and years. The good thing is we remain together even as different people, we still laugh and play – they do say that couples that game together, stay together. Here’s hoping. I have decided not to have any more children, something I know G would have liked. It pains me not to give him a child but I have always told him that if he wants to leave to find someone else I would fully support him and understand.

40 year old gamer

As for gaming, Zelda Breath of the Wild is my Game of the Year and even my life. That game just blew me away. I have well over 200 hours of gameplay and that’s without the DLC. I do admit that the DLC has disappointed me, simply because it’s bloody hard! I admit I am not a great gamer, I just love to play – so the Master Mode will never be completed, that does disappoint me. I have started the Champions Ballad Part 2 as of yesterday and it seems a lot more approachable, even if the one hit deaths did come as a bit of a shock at the start. Zelda Breath of the Wild is a beautiful game with so many different gameplay options – if you’re in the mood to chill you can farm, cook, explore and collect. If you’re feeling energetic there are enemies to defeat, if you want a challenge you can solve the puzzles. I have completed it, but I felt I rushed it and it still took me about 3 months! After defeating Ganon (I for one was pleased that he was easy!) I went on to collect all 120 shrines but there are still hundreds of Korok seeds for me to find. That game is endless, and I am so grateful for that.

Another gaming highlight has to be Pubg. Not a normal game for me to play, but I love it. I have about 90+ hours of gameplay and a couple of Chicken Dinners under my belt (with duos and squads). My closest solo chicken dinner was 4 kills and I got to 3rd place. Ugh. Addictive gameplay, especially playing with friends. I just wish I had more people to play with! If you fancy a match please feel free to add me, Reclusive Fox, on Steam. It is flawed, it is frustrating, it is a shit load of fun.

EGX 2017 memory

EGX 2017 was incredible and I can’t wait for 2018 to roll up. I think 2017 was perhaps my favourite year, beating 2015 by quite a distance. We spent 4 exhilarating and exhausting days and there were still masses of games that we didn’t get to see or try. The queues were crazy for Xbox, thankfully we weren’t too fussed my only disappointment was not trying Sea of Thieves. I met Ali A, I saw Craig Charles who bumped into me and said sorry, I nearly died with delight! The games we played were incredible and we’ve gone on to buy almost all the ones we really loved but there are still a few we need such as Figment on the PC and The Fractured But Whole.

Freelancer wise, it’s been a steady year, with the return of a past client and I always appreciate remaining part of the Sharpmonkeys team. It’s been stable, but I would like to increase my income potential and look at ways of making more of a passive income as well as possibly returning to streaming in the New Year. I have ideas, what I don’t have is the capital to get those ideas in motion. One step at a time and perhaps 2018 will become a very successful year that allows me some more time for the nicer things in life. At some point I need to invest in a new camera, lighting, monitor, webcam, mic and a few pieces of software to help the business grow, until then I’ll keep mulling on as usual.

I’m happy with how 2017 has played out, how was it for you?




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