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GRIP: Combat Racing Drives Us Back to the Nineties!

Feel like delving into some nostalgic gaming without sacrificing graphics and frame rates? Well, now you can do just that with GRIP: Combat Racing. We’ve had the game for a week or so and now we’re bringing you our thoughts on the brand new game brought to you by Caged Element Inc and Wired Productions.

Don’t Throw Up!

GRIP is fast, frantic, fun and it’s a not for the faint-hearted. Don’t you just love it when a game makes you feel as if you’re not just sat there? GRIP manages to take you on a ride as your butt is firmly sat in your GT Omega. Seriously, you’re going to feel a little queasy. GRIP is heavily inspired by the classic 1999 Rollcage that was released on the PC and PlayStation. It has the feel of the 90’s too, but with all the glorious looks and handling we come to expect now we’re approaching the 20’s.

Grip Combat Racing Review

You really do feel exhausted after a while, which is why we could only manage short bursts of sessions, but if you’re made of tougher stuff then by all means, push yourself. That being said, playing for shorter periods does make you want to come back, makes you want to improve and learn to hone your driving skills as you traverse around the tracks while the booming soundtrack compliments the drive. When you experience the downforce sensation and the strong sense of gravity you’ll want more. If you chicken out and drop your speed while upside down, things are going to go wrong. You must commit and be brave to win. Not an easy game by any means.

The addition of different game modes is welcomed. There’s a whole campaign waiting for you to complete if you have the staying power. You could play solo and explore the map and the different modes without completing the campaign if you prefer, or you could join up to 10 other players online. What’s more, true to ‘90’s gaming, you can split screen locally with up to 4 players if you can handle it and you have the controllers! We also appreciate the full tournament building support, making it easy to combine arenas and modes to come up with unique comps and playlists.

Grip Combat Racing Review

The experience does resonate within you and there’s a lot of fun to be had, especially if you get your mates onboard. However, the tracks do become a little samey after a while, despite the addition of racing conditions, which we are definitely appreciative of. As you play, you’ll get better and we all like to be rewarded for our achievements. GRIP: Combat Racing levels you up and gives you customisation unlocks. At present, the unlockables are not too impressive, but perhaps new content will be added over time. We’d love to see themed additions during holidays.  You can unlock new cars plus weapons that will help you to secure that win.

Who Is this Game For?

Did you enjoy Rollcage or any combat racing games from the nineties? If so, you’ll appreciate GRIP. It does have a strong nostalgic feel to it that will remind you of your younger years. You’ll have a great time, but as it stands, it lacks longevity.

GRIP: Combat Racing is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch from November 6, 2018. G will be streaming GRIP this week, be sure to follow G_Zone on Twitch and turn on notifications to avoid missing his streams.






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