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We Happy Few Review


We Happy Few was one of the games that I was excited about after seeing it at E3 (at the embarrassingly awkward Xbox conference).  It had a Bioshock vibe, it was strange, intriguing and it looked fantastic. I had no idea what it was but I knew it was a must play. As soon as I was offered a key I accepted, downloaded and I got stuck in. Here are my first impressions.

This is a single player, first person survival game. The setting is an alternative reality, set in or around Britain in the 1960’s. There’s been some kind of war and everyone is pilled up in order to remain happy and sane. Anyone who doesn’t take the joy pills is a ‘Downer’ and they are not seen in a positive light. You take on the role of Arthur and start the game by basically doing your job, not taking your joy pill and then escaping the constables that give chase. You then surface in a safe house and now you have to survive the world outside and find your way to different areas and greater resources.

We Happy Few Review

It’s vital that anyone buying and playing this game remembers that this isn’t the full game, it’s currently about 50% complete. There’s no character development included and any saves could be at risk when future updates arrive. So if you’re expecting the complete gaming experience, you’re not going to get it, yet. I’ll be completely honest, if I wasn’t streaming or reviewing We Happy Few I would probably wait. In fact, I don’t think early access is a great idea for those who simply want to play the game. If, on the other hand, you want to give feedback and help create the final masterpiece then get stuck in.

As I said above, I initially thought We Happy Few was inspired by Bioshock. I don’t really stick by this thought now. It’s more focused on survival. You have to make sure you drink, sleep, eat and stay as healthy as possible. There are countless quests but so far not one of them has been simple. You have to find materials and items to help you create things that will help you solve the quests. This may not sound difficult, but when you have to scavenge for food, stay hydrated and get enough sleep, the quests quickly become more challenging.

Watch My Live Steam of We Happy Few

Watch my gameplay from my first live streams and learn more about the world and they experience as it stands.  I still have high hopes for We Happy Few. I am hoping the character development includes the NPCs. There seems to be about three different looks right now and their lines are repetitive.  I’ve spent a few hours in the game and I’m sick of the dialogue.  I cannot wait to learn more about the disaster that happened and why everyone needs ‘Joy’ in order to keep their memories at bay. What will happen to those who want to fight taking the meds and accept the truth? Will that be covered? What will the main mission be? Right now, no one knows.

I’m still hopeful that it will have a strong story that removes it away from only a survival game, but I have no idea if this will be the case. I love the environment but I do like my hand held a little, the whole survival thing does turn me off. In Fallout, I choose the mode that allows me to stay awake and get stuff done or to only eat when I’m absolutely close to death in combat and have no other options (or to lighten my load).

I’m enjoying it but I also find myself getting frustrated when I’m playing. I have a quest in mind when I start but so far I have never been able to focus solely on that chosen quest and get it completed. Something stands in my way, I get side tracked and before I know it I’ve forgotten what I wanted to do and I have my mind focused on something else. If I can find a chem station in my next stream I’ll be over the moon!

These are my current thoughts. Let’s see where this game will take us and with any luck a masterpiece will emerge with a story that will have me obsessing over the game. I need a reason to put up with the hardships so I can really sink my teeth into this game and lose myself in it.

Time will tell.

Available on: Windows, Xbox One
Developer: Compulsion Games / Publisher: Compulsion Games

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