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Healthy Gamer Goals

Healthy Gamer

Last year, despite best intentions, I got wobblier. My goal was to flash my belly with cute crop tops in time for my birthday in June, Unfortunately, my calf muscle decided to explode (at least it felt like an explosion) and the next 3 months I spent recovering. It really had a disastrous impact on the amount of activity I was able to do. In fact, it’s only within the past month or so that I’ve felt it was completely back to normal. Towards the end of the year, I also felt myself slip into a slump. I had no motivation, no drive, no passion. I did the bare minimum and I felt blue. I wouldn’t say full on depressed but it was getting there. Now I am on a mission to become a healthy gamer in both body and mind.

Bunny Hop!

I would say that I want to look good naked but in all honesty, it’s not really that bad as it is, bending over… Hahaha. No, truly, my body is alright but I want it to look a lot better. Aging has given me a belly and my already thick thighs have only grown wider – making these two areas my targets. I know you can’t actually target weight loss, but with any luck, I will see improvements where I need them. Additionally, exercise is beneficial for combatting depression and anxiety. I do have my anxiety under control these days but it requires constant maintenance. So with depression on my back, I took action and in December I became a gym bunny.

My local gym had a deal offering newbies gym membership with no joining fee and for only £10 for the first month. I sucked up my inhibitions and anxiety and signed up. One of my concerns was the blood pressure test that was part of the induction. Once upon a time I joined the gym and they wouldn’t let me enter because my bp was through the roof – this wasn’t because of health it was because I was in a state of panic. That experience was horrific at the time and I was so worried about a repeat. However, I felt I would be able to inform them that it was panic and nothing else this time instead of fleeing with my heart leaping out of my chest. Thankfully, they no longer check bp – not sure if that’s a good thing or not but I was so happy about that and I wish I had gone sooner.

Becoming a Healthy Gamer

Overwatch Play of the Game

Now a pulled stomach muscle caused me to take 3 weeks off, what’s going on with all these pulled muscles? Jeez! It’s all good now and I am back in the flow. My gym plans involve:

  • Walking to the gym as a warm up
  • Stretching
  • 15 minutes cross trainer
  • Working on arms and abs on the weird weight machines
  • Leg pushes
  • 15 minutes bike
  • Walking home but only if I can’t afford a taxi!

The weights are light as I don’t want to bulk up (not that I do enough to actually bulk up, but you know), so it’s lots of repetitions on low weight to tone up the muscles so I look better when the weight drops. I also plan on signing up for a few classes. I did the Intensive Core class – hence the pulled stomach muscle! I don’t intend on going back to that one, but I will be trying out Pilates and body balance. I canceled last weeks booked session simply to give my stomach some extra time.

Food, Glorious Food

I am fully aware that diet is the most important part of my weight loss goal. I am being mindful, but this is an area I struggle with. I don’t eat loads but what I do eat isn’t very good for me. It’s normally laden with sugar/fat or both. I have been counting calories but not being too strict – mainly because we still had a lot of Christmas stuff lingering. I honestly think I put on at least half a stone over Christmas!

I love gaming, but I don’t want to add to my weight or cause health problems because I work and play sitting down. I hope that the gym will help to carve out the body I want and extend my life expectancy – something I am more aware off now I’ve well and truly crossed into middle age. FML.

On the gaming side of things, I am now and Overwatch addict. Not sure how that happened, but it did and here we are. Perhaps one day I’ll fit into a catsuit just like D.Va’s. One day.



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