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Hyperx Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset Review

I picked up the Hyperx Cloud Alpha headset in June as an early birthday present and because my old headset decided to die. Since then I’ve used the Hyperx’s daily, sometimes for several hours at a time. I feel that after 2 months of constant use I’m now ready to give you my review.

Presentation and Build

I do have positive and negative things to say, but let’s start off with the good stuff. The presentation is great, it arrived in a solid cardboard box with the Hyperx logo on the front. Inside, encased in plastic (a definite downside for the plastic) is the headset. Along with the headset, you receive:

  • Detachable noise cancelling microphone
  • Detachable braided cable with audio control built on (3.5mm)
  • PC extension cable with mic plug and 3.5mm stereo plug
  • A non-branded soft storage bag
  • Quick start guide and support information card

The quality of the build impresses from the start. The aluminium hinges and main body allow you to move the headset without fear of breaking it. It’s highly flexible but so soft thanks to the extra soft leatherette covering. The cable is braided, which again feels very soft. You feel confident handling and using the headset and so far, all the stitching around the ear pads and the head band are still perfectly intact.

The Sound

One of the key features is the 50mm duel chambers beneath the speakers. This provides you with clear sound and makes it easier to distinguish between all the sounds you’re listening to. The dual chamber makes it possible to enjoy bass without the bass distorting the other sounds in the game. What this means for me is the ability to work out where the enemies are, locate my teammates and hear team chat and friends on discord as we play, without losing any sound quality.  I have no complaints about the sound. It sounds crisp, clear and I never have problems with distortion. I have used the headset for gaming but also to watch YouTube and listen to music and it works great in all scenarios.

Can You hear Me?

Hyperx Cloud Alpha Headset review

The microphone is noise cancelling and can be detached and reached with ease. The detachability is something I really appreciate as it’s nice to be able to remove the mic fully when I’m not in game cat. It’s sturdy and the connection is solid, and I don’t worry about damaging it.

However, the mic gave me a few initial problems. I was expecting it to work perfectly immediately, but this wasn’t the case. Friends struggled to hear me, and I did have to go into a few settings to work things out. If you have low sound do go into your mic settings in Windows 10 and adjust them accordingly. You can also play around with the properties to find the sweet spot. I will add that it is worth playing around with how far you have the mic from your mouth. It does make a massive difference if the mic is too high or too far back. Finally, head into Discord and play with the settings there and ask a friend to help you get the level right for them.


We are now getting to my biggest problem with the Hyperx Cloud Alpha headset. Comfort is massively important to me. I have gone through several Turtle Beaches and Sennheiser’s that have been of no use as the pain they caused was unbearable. My last headset was perfect when it came to comfort, so I did my research carefully and comfort was my top priority.

The Cloud Alpha headset reviews I consumed all said it didn’t cause ear fatigue. I even spoke to one of my favourite streamers who also confirmed the comfort for me. I was sold. However, within minutes of trying on the headset I felt pain. After half an hour or so I had to remove the headset as my ears and jaw were both suffering greatly.

I felt so disappointed and so I reached out to Hyperx on Twitter for help. They provided almost immediate support and advised me to stretch out the headset to loosen the grip. I did this and do this each time I put the headset on, and I can now wear it for hours at a time. I still suffer from discomfort. I don’t know if it’s the position of my jaw, my ears, the size of my ears (very small), but whatever it is results in not a perfect experience.

The pain is less than I have experienced with other brands, but my previous headset was perfect for me. I did consider returning the headset, and I would have, but Argos in the UK have an awful returns policy. Basically, you can return goods if you don’t open them at all. Once opened, no return.  My advice here is to never buy from Argos, even if they have the best prices.

Caution when Choosing White and Purple

Hyperx Cloud Alpha Headset review

I chose the white and purple limited edition as I love the colour combination and it felt like a great fit for me. I still love the colour but there is a slight discoloration on the ear pads, as I did expect. If you wear makeup it will be hard to avoid. Having said that, my last headset had black ear pads and the makeup did show up more on those. I just wanted to let you know that makeup transfer can happen, that’s all. 

Keep Doing What You’re Doing, Hyperx

Overall, I adore my Hyperx Cloud Alpha headset. I am proud to show them off on stream and I am happy with almost everything about it. I do know that most users don’t have the same problem I have with headphone pain. If you have never experienced the pain in the past, I highly doubt you will with these. However, if you have struggled with headphones causing pain please try to find a retailer who is happy to accept returns, just in case.

I am impressed by Hyperx and their support for customers online and I would recommend the brand. For my birthday I was treated to the Hyperx Alloy Elite RGB keyboard and the quality of that is also excellent. I will continue to support the brand despite the disappointment with the ear comfort as everything else I’ve experienced is fantastic.


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